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DNA Utilities and Tools

By Ashley Gonzalez | April 24, 2020
Below is a list of DNA testing sites available and genetic genealogy utilities and tools to use once you’ve completed your testing. Check out our list of education blogs and webinars. Is your favorite blog or book missing? Email us!…

DNA Blogs, Books, and Social Media

By Ashley Gonzalez | April 17, 2020
Every year, since 2003, National DNA Day is officially celebrated on April 25th.  According to the National Human Genome Research Institute states, “National DNA Day commemorates the successful completion of the Human Genome Project in 2003 and the discovery of…
Women's History Month in Florida

Women’s History in Florida

By Ashley Gonzalez | March 25, 2020
Florida’s rich history would not be possible without the pioneering women who made this state what it is today. The FSGS celebrates the women of Florida with a list of resources for researching the women of Florida. Florida Women’s Heritage…
Don't cancel your meeting

Webinar Services for Florida Genealogy Societies

By Ashley Gonzalez | March 20, 2020
With many society membership meetings and board meeting canceled for COVID-19, FSGS is here to help every step of the way. In this time of social distancing, you can hold your monthly meeting with the program speaker and your members…
El Destino Plantation Project

El Destino Plantation Project

By Ashley Gonzalez | February 4, 2020
The Florida Historical Society houses many different collections. One of these collections are the El Destino Plantation Papers. These papers include vital business documents, which include legal documents as well as personal correspondence and plantation journals. El Destino, Spanish for destiny,…
Florida Mortality Schedules

Researching African-American Genealogy in Florida

By Ashley Gonzalez | January 14, 2020
The Florida Memory Website is an often overlooked resource when researching Florida ancestry. Florida Memory is a digital outreach program providing free online access to select archival resources from collections housed in the State Library and Archives of Florida. Florida…
Florida Agriculture and Our Florida Ancestors

Florida Agriculture and Our Florida Ancestors—Part 2

By FSGS | August 31, 2015
After the destruction of the French colony by Pedro Menéndez de Aviles, Menéndez had a fort built called San Augustin, with the intent of protecting the small settlement of farmers. Each farmer had been promised land as good as they left in Spain and were to also be given twelve head of stock.

Florida Pioneers – Proving Relationships

By FSGS | August 31, 2015
By: Amy Crabill Lay  Proving kinship, or parent-child relationships, for the Florida Pioneer Descendant Certification Program can be very challenging and even a brick-wall for some. Probate records are an excellent resource in proving these relationships.  Did you know that…

Florida Agriculture and Our Florida Ancestors – Part 1

By FSGS | February 28, 2015
Before Europeans came to Florida, some native Indian tribes practiced agriculture. Thanks to writings left by French and Spanish explorers, we know crops were produced as early as 1513. The tribes involved in this were the Apalachee in northwest Florida, Timucua in central Florida, and the Potano who lived in the Alachua plain.

Florida Pioneer Villages

By Susan Jones | October 29, 2014
Fall is finally here! If you’re a Florida native, or if you have lived here for many years, you have already noticed the subtle changes. There’s a difference in the sunlight, tree leaves have been turning colors since July and are finally dropping,…