Florida Pioneers – Proving Relationships

By: Amy Crabill Lay 

Proving kinship, or parent-child relationships, for the Florida Pioneer Descendant Certification Program can be very challenging and even a brick-wall for some. Probate records are an excellent resource in proving these relationships. 

Did you know that FamilySearch.org has many Florida County Probate records digitized and available on their website? These records are valuable documents to assist family researchers in proving generational links between parents and their children. 

To access these free records click on this link https://familysearch.org and choose the county you want to search. 

And, don’t forget court order books may also have records related to estate and land settlements. 

Still having difficulty? Check with the county records office in the county you are searching for a comprehensive index of probate and court orders for your ancestor. Sometimes the clerk has a better index that will allow you to easily find documents in the digital court records. 

TIP: If you don’t find your ancestor in the county in which you believe he lived, check in the probate records for surrounding counties. 

Previously published in the Florida Lines newsletter.