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War of 1812 – Florida

Help us identify and honor War of 1812 soldiers buried in Florida. Please use our submission form below.

Many of you have extensive research experience and access to Florida records. This project may be small and somewhat easy depending on how far you want to go with it. If you become interested in the life of the soldier, please write a biography about the veteran and submit it to our quarterly editor for publication.

Both the General Society of the War of 1812 and the United Daughters of the War of 1812 have been contacted about providing grave markers.

A free index to War of 1812 pensions can be found at: This is not complete but is well worth looking at.


  1. You can start by selecting a name to research from one of the following two lists. Please email us with the name you have selected: [email protected]. Someone else is researching the name when the veteran’s information is in RED. If a checkmark is next to a veteran’s number, the grave has been identified.
    • List #1 was created from a variety of sources. There are 92 names. Although the spouse is listed, it may not be correct. Many of the sources are from the book by Virgil White (see the bibliography.) In some cases only the female is listed as the widow of a veteran and the soldier’s name is not given.
    • List #2 is from the Scrip Warrant Act of 1850. There are 356 names in the county and alphabetical order. This particular list is unusual in that Florida land was given to War of 1812 soldiers who served from anywhere in the United States. This means they may never have settled in Florida or descendants of the soldier claimed the land at a later date.
  2. When your research is complete and you have verified your sources and feel confident you have identified a veteran of the War of 1812, please COMPLETE THE SUBMISSION FORM AND INCLUDE A PICTURE OF THE BURIAL SITE.

War of 1812 Submission Form – PDF
War of 1812 Submission Form – Word

  1. Not on our list? If you found a veteran that is not on the list and can prove he was a War of 1812 soldier and is buried in Florida, please send it to us to be added.
  2. If you locate a gravesite and there is already a War of 1812 grave marker or some military identification, please provide us with the source such as the United Daughters or General Society of the War of 1812.