War of 1812 Soldiers Buried in Florida

Soldiers listed are from the sources below:

  • 1883 - List of Pensioners on the Roll: January 1, 1883; giving the name of each pensioner, the cause for which pensioned, the post-office address, the rate of pension per month, and the date of original allowance, as called for by Senate Resolution of December 8, 1882.
  • White - Index to War of 1812 Pension Files by Virgil White. Waynesboro, TN: National Historical Pub., Co., 1989. The spelling of the names vary and the wife may not be correct.
  • Fold3.com has the following records available for searching:
    • Letters Received by the Adjutant General 1805-1821
    • War of 1812 Pension files for the letters A and B only (incomplete)
    • War of 1812 Prize Cases, Southern District Court of New York
    • War of 1812 Service Records: Lake Erie and Mississippi only
  • NSUSD - National Society of the United States Daughters of the War of 1812 Ancestor Database: https://usdaughters1812.org/ancestor-database/ Details may include more about the soldier or the cemetery location, go to this website and search for the name.
  • Butts - Publisher and transcriber of Hamilton County cemeteries by Lesleigh Butts.

Ancestry.com has the following records for searching:

  • War of 1812 Pension Application Files Index, 1812-1815
  • U.S. War Bounty Land Warrants, 1789-1858
  • War of 1812 Papers’ of the Department of State, 1789-1815; (National Archives Microfilm Publication M588, 7 rolls); General Records of the Department of State, Record Group 59; National Archives, Washington. D.C.
  • Ledgers of Payments, 1818-1872, to U.S. Pensioners Under Acts of 1818 Through 1858 From Records of the Office of the Third Auditor of the Treasury, 1818-1872; (National Archives Microfilm Publication T718
  • In addition, they have numerous state and local records in other collections.

Grave FoundNumberNameSpouseCounty / TownState of ServiceCause for PensionDate of Orig. AllowanceSource
1 Allen, Joseph Walton, Euchee Anna Surv 1812Jan 18731883/White
2 Andrews, Farley Santa Rosa, Milton Surv 1812May 18801883
3 Ard, George (1791-1836)Abigail Barrow GA NSUSD
4 Bailey, William J. Jefferson Fold3
5 Bicker, Mary E.HenryEscambia, Pensacola Widow 1812Feb 18791883/White
6 Broward, FrancisRebecca Ball FL NSUSD
7 Broward, JohnMargaret Tucker FL NSUSD
8 Brown, Mary Ann Suwannee, Luraville Widow 1812Dec 18791883
9 Burnett, SophiaJohnColumbia, Blount’s Ferry Widow 1812July 18741883/White
10Burney, ArthurSarah Catherine Blount GA NSUSD
11Carlton, JohnNancy Ann Alderman NC NSUSD
12Cason, SilasAbigail Langford GA NSUSD
13Chalker, WilliamNancy Stanaland CT NSUSD
14Clay, AdamMary Hancock GA NSUSD
15Collins, Elizabeth Sumter, Webster Widow 1812July 18791883
16Collins, Sina Gadsden, Concord Widow 1812Sept 18781883
17Cook, CalebPermelia Robinson GA NSUSD
18Devane, Benjamin FranklinMary Ro(d)gersPolkNC NSUSD
19Durrance, JosephCecilia Tippins GA NSUSD
20DuVal, JosephAnn Fouche Tebbs VA NSUSD
21Farley, Stephen MS NSUSD
22Feaster, Andrew SC NSUSD
23Fleming, George SC NSUSD
24Flemming, Zemina Santa Rosa, Milton Widow 1812Jul 18721883
25Fletcher, PhebeLionelLeon, Tallahassee Widow 1812June 18821883/White
26Fraser, Andrew F. Leon, Lamonia Surv 1812Jan 18801883/White
27Goodbread, John GA NSUSD
28Goodbread, Philip GA NSUSD
29Green, Elizabeth A.ElishaBaker, Sanderson Widow 1812Aug 18791883/White
30Gregory, Martha L.Few H.Marion, Ocala Widow 1812Aug 18791883/White
31Hall, Susan Jackson, Neal’s Landing Widow 1812Dec 18781883
32Harris, Buckner GA NSUSD
33Hatch, ChloeNathanDuval, Jacksonville Widow 1812Nov 18781883/White
34Hendry, John GA NSUSD
35Herndon, Richard Hamilton L Butts
36Herndon, William SC NSUSD
37Hogan, Reuben FL NSUSD
38Houston, John Carroll FL NSUSD
39Hughey, John Seminole, SanfordGASurv 1812Mar 18721883/White
40Hughey, John GA NSUSD
41Hunt, Charlotte Columbia, Lake City Widow 1812June 18731883
42Johnson, Baker MD NSUSD
43Jones, Keziah Hillsborough, Cork Surv 1812Apr 18791883
44Key, Mary A. R.RobertGadsden, Concord Widow 1812May 18791883/White
45Kinney, William TN NSUSD
46Knight, Jonathan GA NSUSD
47La Roche, Otto Duval, Jacksonville Widow 1812May ????1883
48Lacy, Sarah A.ClaiborneJackson, Marianna Widow 1812June 18791883/White
49Lancaster, Joseph KY NSUSD
50Land, Sarah M. Washington, Vernon Widow 1812June 18791883/White
51Land, Sumpter GA/FL NSUSD
52Lasiter, NancyJohnSanta Rosa, Milton Widow 1812Oct 18791883/White
53Lee, John Hamilton L Butts
54Livingston, HenriettaJonesPutnam, Crescent City Widow 1812Dec 18781883/White
55Majors, NancyEdwardSanta Rosa, Milton Widow 1812Mar 18791883/White
56Mann, Nancy A. Duval, Jacksonville Widow 1812Mar 18761883
57McClelland, Silas
58Moore, Elizabeth Walton, Euchee Anna Widow 1812July 18801883
59Morgan, Elihu Hamilton L Butts
60Nall, Marian Calhoun, Marysville Widow 1812June 18821883/White
61Parker, Luke NC NSUSD
62Parkhill, Samuel VA NSUSD
63Peeler, Jacob GA NSUSD
64Pillaus, Sarah Angelina (Pillans?)John C.Madison Widow 1812Sept 18791883/White
65Powers, John Orange, Fort Reed Surv 1812Oct 18711883
66Ramsey, Moses NC NSUSD
67Robertson, Newman Alachua, Gainesville Surv. 1812Mar 18721883/White
68Robinson, Jesse GA NSUSD
69Romer, Thomas Monroe, Key West NSUSD
70Rou, Nancy (Row) Marion, Flemington Widow 1812Mar 18801883
71Scott, Sarah L. St. Johns, St Augustine Widow 1812Jan 18791883
72Shackelford, Edmund AL NSUSD
73Skinner, Elizabeth Jefferson, Monticello Widow 1812Feb 18791883
74Slay, SelimeaWilliam?Washington, Vernon Widow 1812June 18811883/White
75Smith, Joseph USA NSUSD
76St. John, FannySalleckDuval, Jacksonville Widow 1812July ????1883/White
77Straham, Samuel (Strahan?)NancySuwanee, Luraville Surv 1812Oct 18721883/White
78Strahan, NancySamuelLeon, Tallahassee Widow 1812Jan 18811883/White
79Suggs, EadyNoah P.Lafayette, Old Town Surv 1812Nov 18791883/White
80Taylor, Sarah Columbia, Mount Tabor Widow 1812June 18811883
81Tift, Joseph CT NSUSD
82Townsend, Thomas GA NSUSD
83Vaughan, John GA NSUSD
84Waldron, Oliver GA NSUSD
85Ward, Elijah NC NSUSD
86Watson, Mary S. Alachua, Gainesville Widow 1812Mar 18791883/White
87White, Martha Gadsden, Chattahoochee Widow 1812July 18801883
88White, William NC NSUSD
89Whitehurst, Daniel Scott GA
90Wickes, Barnard FL NSUSD
91Wood, David Hillsborough, Tampa Surv 1812July 18721883
92Woodruff, Elias Seminole, Sanford NSUSD