Scrip Warrant Act

Scrip Warrant Act of 1850

All the names below are from the Bureau of Land Management for the above warrant. To view the original document, go to and search within the state of Florida for the name. Click on view image. Another list can be found at Three attempts have been made by email (Feb/Mar 2012) to contact the author for verification of her source with no response.

The Script Warrant Acts of 1850 provided land to any soldier who served in the military before 1815. It is suspected that most sold their scrip for cash and never came to Florida. Many times a widow is the recipient of the land and her name will appear on the document. Death date refers to the veteran only and is based on the date of the warrant.

Most likely if the land was granted to someone else, the soldier did not move to Florida. However, there are always exceptions. If a widow is listed, they may have moved to Florida and the soldier died. Or, it may be found in the court records back in their home state.

Adams, John7th Regt US InfantrySt JohnsJohn C. Chambers
Alewine, HenrySpence’s Co SC MilitiaMarionFrancis B. HigginsMary Ann Elizabeth Alewine (d. before 1855)
Anderson, Reuben G.Nash’s Regiment SC MilitiaMarionReuben G. Anderson
Arnold, AmbroseBrooks’ Co US InfantryLibertyAmbrose Arnold
Arnold, CharlesSC MilitiaUnionWm J. Langford
Atwell, JamesGA MilitiaDuvalGeorge A. Turknett
Averett, ThomasNicholson’s Co NC VolunteersPolkJames Hambleton
Ayers, JohnNelson’s Co SC MilitiaCalhounThomas Taylor
Ayleworth, James R.NY MilitiaColumbiaEdmond BrannonLucy Ayleworth
Bailey, GeorgeMitchell’s Co VA MilitiaJacksonGeorge W. RobinsonTemperance Bailey (d. before 1854)
Bailey, IshamThompson’s Co GA MilitiaGadsdenIsham Bailey
Bailey, JamesMcCreight’s Co SC MilitiaSumterNancy Bailey-widow(d. before 1855)
Baker, Bailey FlemingDouglas’s Co SC MilitiaAlachuaBaker, Bailey Fleming
Bales, AlexanderHodges’ Co SC MilitiaSt LucieEdward Cooper
Bankston, NathanBrannon’s Co SC MilitiaUnionJohn E. ParrishSarah Bankston (d. before 1854)
Barrineau, Isaac T.Brown’s Co SC MilitiaPutnamJohn J. Dickison
Barron, ThomasPark’s Co GA MilitiaPutnamSolomon Y. HighsmithArtamesa Barron (d. before 1860)
Beall, Otho W.Howard’s Co GA MilitiaOsceolaWilliam L. Criglar
Bell, John18th Regt US InfantryPolkWm C. T. King
Belvin, WillieCaper’s Co SC MilitiaAlachuaJohn H. Murray Sarah Belvin
Benefield, ColorsCarr’s GA MilitiaColumbiaThomas C. GriffinBarbery Bennifield, Clabourn Revill, Martha Revill, Jonh Bennifield, Hariett Denham
Bennett, HenryBush’s Co SC MilitiaUnionJohn E. Mathews
Betton, Turbutt R.Dist of Col. MilitiaLeonTurbutt R. Betton
Bickings, Joseph[Hutson’s?] PA MilitiaBayChandler Yonge
Bird, JohnGamble’s Co GA MilitiaSumterWm W. Caruthers
Bishop, ColinMS MilitiaLafayetteR. Kerry ElliottMary Bishop (d. before 1860)
Blackburn, James7th Regt SC MilitiaMarionJames Blackburn
Bledsole, ThomasNC MilitiaOsceolaSarah B. McCaskill
Bone, Richard18th Rgt US InfantryAlachuaRichard Bone
Boothe, JesseSC MilitiaNassauBurris Brewer
Boswell, ThomasBolton’s Co SC MilitiaBayThomas Boswell
Brady, Dread1st Regt NC MilitiaJacksonJames L. G. BakerMiley Brady (d. before 1853)
Branch, WmSC MilitiaSumterWm H. Mellard
Braswell, John1st Rgmt NC MilitiaDuvalGeorge R. Fairbanks
Braswell, Whitnell1st Regt NC MilitiaJacksonJames L. Baker
Brewer, JamesGeorgia MilitiaAlachuaJames Brewer
Brewer, RobertGeorgia MilitiaAlachuaRobert Brewer
Broadmax, Edward B.Hamilton’s Co GA MilitiaLafayetteR. Kerry Elliott
Brown, AsaNelson’s Co SC MilitiaPutnamJohn J. DIckisonMargaret Brown (d. before 1855)
Brown, DanielStarnes’ Co SC MilitiaHillsborough
Brown, DanielMS MilitiaOsceolaWilliam L. Criglar
Brown, HughAtkinson’s Co GA militiaColumbiaJacob GoodbreadElizabeth Brown
Brown, IsaacGriffin’s Co SC MilitiaMarionJames H. Gordon
Brown, James1st Regt NC MilitiaMarionJames Brown
Brown, John1st Regt NC VolunteersLafayetteJames L. Moseley
Brown, John1st Regt NC VolunteersSuwanneeJames L. Moseley
Brown, StephenSC MilitiaJacksonBenjamin Hewitt
Bullard, JesseWater’s Co GA MilitiaColumbiaWm Bullard
Bunch, StephenSC MilitiaSumterWm H. Mellard
Bunch, WmFielder’s Co SC MilitiaMarionWm Bunch
Burklow, Isaac25th Rgt TN MilitiaAlachuaFranklin R. Cox
Burnside, Benjamin12th Regt US InfantryNassauBryan Gardner & Wm N BranchElizabeth Burnside (d. before 1860)
Butler, BenjaminWallace’s Co SC MilitiaMarionBenjamin Butler
Butler, StephenReddock’s Co VA MilitiaJacksonWm. J. BakerElizabeth Butler (d. before 1854)
Cain, ThomasGray’s Co VA MilitiaDesotoSamuel HansbroughJohn H Cain, Lucia A Cain, Laura P Cain, Susan C Cain
Cain, WmSC MilitiaSuwanneeWillis O. P. Cain
Caldwell, HenrySC MilitiaDuvalHenry Caldwell
Call, Richard K.Prince’s Co TN MilitiaGadsdenRichard K Call
Call, Richard K.Prince’s Co TN MilitiaLeonRichard K. Call
Camp, HumphreyBlount’s Co VA MilitiaJacksonJames L. G. Baker
Cargill, Cornelius43rd Rgmt US InfantryCalhounDavid Straus
Carter, JacobGA MilitiaPutnamThomas H. Allbritton
Carter, LeviMinton’s Co GA MilitiaNassauSamuel Walker
Castellow, HenryGA MilitiaCitrusEnoch Agnew
Caston, Wm.SC MilitiaLakeRobert McIlwainAnn Caston (d. before 1855)
Charles, DavidMiller’s Co SC MilitiaColumbiaGeorge W. Weeks
Childers, WmSafford’s Co GA MilitiaLeonWm Childers
Clary, JohnGriffins’ Co SC MilitiaMarionFrancis B. Higgins
Clayton, John J.Thompson’s CoGilchristJohn B. Standley
Clemens, Malchum L.Bennett’s Co SC MilitiaBayNathaniel Waterman
Clifts, ThomasSee’s Co SC MilitiaHamiltonThomas Clifts
Cohen, Hyam1st Regt US RiflesPascoM. B. TaylorEsther Cohen (d. before 1883)
Collins, ReubenSC MilitiaLevyThomas H. King
Collins, Wm1st Battalion SC MilitiaMarionJohn F. Collins
Conyear, IsaacBuford’s Co GA MilitiaMarionMary Conyear (widow)(d. before 1857)
Cook, BenjaminCampbell’s Co GA MilitiaJacksonWalter RobinsonElizabeth Cook (d. before 1854)
Cook, GeorgeStarnes’ Co SC MilitiaHillsboroughJames JonesMary Cook (d. before 1855)
Cook, JacobLee’s Co SC MilitiaPutnamJohn G. Dampier
Cooper, JehuNelson’s Co SC MilitiaPutnamBannister LesterElizabeth B. Cooper (d. before 1856)
Countryman, AndrewBatey’s Co SC MilitiaMarionThomas J. Wofford
Cox, Franklin R.Wisenbakers? GA MilitiaAlachuaJesse Davis
Crawford, John C.SC MilitiaMadisonJohn B. Crawford
Crenshaw, MicajahSC MilitiaSumterMicajah Crenshaw
Crews, EliasNone listedHamiltonElias Crews
Crews, Ishland2nd Regt FL VolunteersPolkJames Hambleton
Crosby, John HHarris Co VA MilitiaAlachuaJohn H. Crosby
Crutchfield, SamuelVA MilitiaHillsboroughJoel Knight
Curry, Ezekiel43rd US InfantryJacksonJames L. G. Baker
Daniels, ThomasNC MilitiaBayChandler YongeMatilda Daniels
Dawson, ThomasBarnwell’s Co SC MilitiaMarionEdmund Martin
Dawson, ThomasMS MilitiaOsceolaWilliam L. Criglar
Dial, AbnerSharp’s Co TN MilitiaWaltonPeter J. HarveyJane Dial (d. before 1853)
Donathan, JamesRussell’s Co TN MilitiaHernandoColumbus Alexander
Donathan, JamesTN VolunteersSumterJohn J. Bird
Downs, EdmundNH MilitiaColumbiaJohn L. CrawfordHannah Downs
Drew, CordyWilliams’ Co NC MilitiaJacksonJames L. Baker
Dunkin, JoshuaMiller’s Co SC MilitiaGilchristJohn B. StanleyPatience Dunkin
Dunn, BoilingParson’s Co VA MilitiaJacksonGeorge W. RobinsonPricilla Dunn (d. before 1853)
Dunn, JohnWilliamson’s Co VA MilitiaJacksonGeorge RobinsonElizabeth Dunn (d. before 1853)
Dupree, JesseHoward’s Co GA MilitiaOrangeMathew Stewart
Dutton, Truitt32nd MilitiaDuvalGeorge A TurknettElizabeth Dutton
Eastwood, JosiahThompson’s VA MilitiaJacksonWm. J. BakerLydia Eastwood (d. before 1854)
Edwards, HenryReed’s Co GA MilitiaGilchristJohn B. Standley
Enlow, JamesTaylor’s Co SC MilitiaMarionJames Enlow
Evans, PeterNC MilitiaCitrusPleasant B. May
Evers, WmGA MilitiaGilchristWm YoungElizabeth Evers
Fagot, CharlesAndry’s Co LA MilitiaOsceolaWilliam L. Criglar
Falkner, Benjamin8th Regt US InfantryMarionBenjamin Falkner
Faris, JamesHoward’s Co TN MilitiaLevyJohn M. ShannonMargaret Faris (d. before 1854)
Faulkenberry, WmDouglap’s Co SC MilitiaSumterJohn S. Perry
Fennell, WmBarnwell’s Co SC MilitiaMarionEdmund Martin
Fleming, George H.SC MilitiaGadsdenWm H Gibson
Fleming, Laird B.Gamble’s Co GA MilitiaOsceolaThomas Ates
Fordham, Wm. B.Post’s Co. NY MilitiaJacksonGeorge W. Robinson
Forehand, JamesSC MilitiaWaltonAngus Gillis
Forson, Wm JHamilton’s Co GA MilitiaColumbiaWm J Forson
Fowler, RobertHamblton’s Co TN MilitiaPolkZachariah SewardMary Ann Fowler (d. before 1854)
Fox, WmRichardson’s Co SC MilitiaColumbiaWm Niblack
Freeman, CharlesBarnwell’s Co SC MilitiaMarionEdmund Martin
French, SamuelVA MilitiaPolkWm. H. FrenchElizabeth French (d. before 1885)
Freye, John B.Finley’s Co NC VolunteersPutnamWm Abraham
Gammel, AyersLamar’s Co GA MilitiaJacksonThomas F. Prather
Gentry, JoelSC MilitiaSarasotaEdmond Jones
Gibson, WmJohnson’s Co SC MilitiaMarionDaniel Hall
Ginn, JamesAppleby’s Co SC MilitiaSumterWm H. Mellard
Glaze, ThomasTaylor’s Co SC MilitiaSumterWm H. Mellard
Goodwin, BardinSC VolunteersMarionEdmund Martin
Grantham, Benjamin1st NC MilitiaNassauPeter B. Dumas
Green, John J.Cone’s Co GA MilitiaSt JohnsJohn J. Green
Gregory, JesseGolden’s Co NC MilitiaGadsdenJesse Gregory
Grier, MosesLane’s Co GA MilitiaPascoJesse Carter
Griffin, Joseph1st NC MilitiaNassauPeter B. DumasSara Griffin (d. before 1854)
Griffith, IsaacGray’s Co TN MilitiaPolkF. E. RichardsonMargaret Griffith (d. before 1885)
Griffith, ThomasGragg’s Co VA MilitiaBayChandler Yonge
Grifis, WmSC MilitiaVolusiaLewis Roberts
Grimsley, JosephHorton’s Co GA MilitiaJacksonJoshua Howard
Gurnee, FrancisHaight’s Co NY MilitiaNassauBryan Gardner & Wm N Branch
Hair, JobWalker’s Co SC MilitiaSuwanneeJob Hair
Hair, John A.Chapin’s Co SC MilitiaSuwanneeJohn A. Hair
Hair, MartinMartin’s NC VolunteersColumbiaMartin Hair
Hale, JosephDavid’s Co SC MilitiaLeonJoseph Hale
Hale, WalterVance’s Co TN VolunteersLevyJohn M. Shannon
Hall, WmReid’s Co SC MilitiaLevyAndrew N. McFall
Hallum, WmSC MilitiaMarionWm Hallum
Hambleton, IrwinWillis’ Co GA MilitiaColumbiaMary Ann Sharp
Hammond, John H.Read’s Co SC MilitiaLafayetteJohn J. McMillan
Hammond, John H.Reed’s Co SC MilitiaMadisonLouisa Sutton
Hammonds, John H.Reed’s Co SC MilitiaSuwanneeJohn J. McMillan
Hand, HenryCurry’s Co SC MilitiaGilchristWm O Tison
Hansford, John M.GA MilitiaJacksonJohn M. Hansford
Hardy, CorneliusSmith’s Co GA MilitiaNassauBryan Gardner & Wm N Branch
Harper, CharlesHamilton’s Co GA ArtilleryDuvalThomas Douglas
Harrel, MeredithHogg’s Co NC MilitiaJacksonWm J. Baker
Harris, WmKindrick’s Co SC MilitiaJacksonWm Harris
Harrison, John Y.9th Regt VA MilitiaPolkWm C. T. king
Harvey, JohnBush’s Co SC MilitiaColumbiaJohn Harvey
Harvey, Peter J.GA MilitiaWaltonPeter J. Harvey
Hawkins, IsaacPatrick’s Co GA MilitiaOsceolaEzekiel E. Simpson
Haynes, John1st Rgmt TN MilitiaDuvalEzra Houk
Hedgepeth, Henry1st NC MilitiaNassauPeter B. Dumas
Henderson, HillaryNC MilitiaMadisonJasper A. Henderson
Henderson, RobertTN Militia & Seminole WarMarionRobert Henderson
Henry, Wm R.Butt’s Co GA Militia Fl WarColumbiaJohn W. Price
Hewitt, ThomasDunk’s Co NY MilitiaDuvalJabez H Foster & Walter Stephens
Higgs, JesseClark’s Co GA MilitiaGilchristWm Young
Hill, John2nd Regt TN MilitiaPinellasWm M. Garrison
Hinton, JeremiahSC MilitiaMadisonJeremiah Hinton
Hix, DanielHorton’s Co SC MilitiaUnionBurrel Hodges
Hobbs, Wm M.Blount’s Co GA MilitiaPascoZachariah Seward
Hollingsworth, JohnEvan’s Co NC MilitiaOsceolaWilliam L. Criglar
Holt, SeltNY MilitiaOsceolaEzekiel E. SimpsonAbigail Galusha (d. before 1860)
Homer, JohnLA MilitiaOsceolaWilliam L. Criglar
Horner, AlexanderPA MilitiaCitrusGeorge Atcherson
Howard, ThomasSims’ Co NC MilitiaColumbiaZebulon M. PaschalRachel Howard
Hughey, JohnHarris’ Co GA MilitiaLakeJohn Hughey
Hughey, JohnHarris’s Co GA MilitiaSeminoleJohn Hughey
Hughs, JacobWalker’s Co SC MilitiaHamiltonJacob Hughs
Humphrey, BenjaminReed’s Co GA MilitiaJeffersonBenjamin Humphrey
Jackson, SamuelTaylor’s Co SC MilitiaSumterWm H. Mellard
Jameson, JamesWhite’s Co GA MilitiaSuwanneeJoseph B. Watts
Jenkins, ScarletFielder’s Co SC MilitiaMarionScarlet B. Jenkins
Jeter, FrancisStell’s Co GA MilitiaGadsdenFrancis Jeter
Johnson, Josiah D.Barnwell’s Co SC MilitiaMarionEdmund Martin
Jones, Charles S.Royster’s Co VA MilitiaJeffersonJohn A. Edwards
Jones, JohnHall’s Co GA MilitiaOrangeJoseph AycockAnn Jones (d. before 1857)
Jones, JonathanThomas’ Co GA MilitiaJacksonJonathan Jones
Jones, Mathew43rd US InfantryLafayetteAlbert Pearson
Jones, Mathew43rd Regt US InfantrySuwanneeAlbert Pearson
Jones, Robert W.Wyatt’s Co VA militiaDuvalRedding Turner
Jordan, BartholomewRogers’ Co SC MilitiaColumbiaDavid Jordan
Jourdan, ThomasWilliamson’s Co SC MilitiaPolkJames Hambleton
Joyner, NoahTaylor’s Co SC MilitiaSt JohnsJohn C. Chambers
Kearon, RobertDist of Col. VolunteersBayChandler C. YongeAnn Cordelia Kearon
Kent, BenjaminThomas’ Co GA MilitiaJacksonJoshua Howard
Kinard, ChristopherSC MilitiaMarionChristopher Kinard
King, HenryNC MilitiaColumbiaJoseph Price
King, JacobHuckaby’s Co GA MilitiaMarionJacob King
Kinman, SamuelSC MilitiaJacksonRichard W.H. Kennon
Lancaster, Joseph1st Regt NC MilitiaNassauPeter B. Dumas
Lancaster, Joseph B.MI MilitiaHernandoChristopher Friebele
Langston, JamesHamilton’s Co SC VolunteersNassauWm C Langston
League, Joel1st VA ArtilleryHillsboroughEdmund Jones
Lee, John B.18th Regt US InfantryLibertyHorace Vann
Lewis, WillisHolliday’s Co VA MilitiaSuwanneeHenry M. BloomCatherine Lewis (d. before 1860)
Lindsey, Asberry1st Rgmt NC MilitiaDuvalGeorge R Fairbanks
Lindsey, Asberry1st Regt SC MilitiaSt JohnsGeorge R. Fairbanks
Linton, BurageHawkins’ Co NC MilitiaBayChandler C. YongeMary Linton
Livingston, JonesThomas’ Co GA MilitiaDuvalJones Livingston
Lonas, HenryChild’s Co TN MilitiaPinellasRoy Hanna
Lyle,  John1st Regt GA MilitiaNassauJohn Robarts
Lynn, Solomon2nd Regt US ArtilleryUnionJohn Douglass
Mann, Hiram T.3rd Regt GA MilitiaMarionHiram T. Mann
Manning, WrightThompson’s Co VA MilitiaJacksonWm J. BakerCatherine Manning (d. before 1854)
Martin, EdmundKey’s Co SC MilitiaMarionEdmund Martin
Martin, FrederickWhaley’s Co GA MilitiaJacksonHenry A. Bright
May, WmHart’s Co TN MilitiaPolkZachariah Seward
McClellan, ArchibaldSC MilitiaNassauSamuel Walker
McCormick, PaulGA MilitiaSumterPaul McCormick
McGraw, AbrahamKincaid’s Co SC MilitiaMarionWilliam E. Hall
McHenry, George1st Regt SC MilitiaMarionWilliam E. Hall
Meador, RichardHuckaby’s Co GA MilitiaColumbiaClaborn Bateman
Means, James K.White’s Co SC MilitiaMarionJames K. Means
Melton, SolomonCane’s Co GA MilitiaLevyStephen McCall
Mercer, JoshuaGA MilitiaJacksonJoshua Mercer
Mims, ThomasManning’s Co SC MilitiaOsceolaWilliam CriglarSarah Mims (d. before 1854)
Mitchum, WmPatrick’s Co GA MilitiaOsceolaEzekiel E. Simpson
Moore, IsaacDouglap’s Co TN VolunteersLevyJohn Shannon
Moore, JamesWatson’s Co NC MilitiaMadisonJames L. WycheMartha Moore (d. before 1857)
Moore, WalkerMosley’s Co NC MilitiaColumbiaClaborn Bateman
Morris, John S.31st Regt US InfantryJacksonGeorge W. RobinsonMarquis Lafayette Morris minor child (d. before 1853)
Moseley, JoshuaNC MilitiaSuwanneeKate M. Moseley
Moseley, Joshua (Captain)NC MilitiaLafayetteKate M. Moseley
Moses, SolomonSC MilitiaDuvalSolomon Moses
Murphree, Edward P.Miller’s Co GA MilitiaBradfordEdward P. Murphree
Mustian, Wm1st Regt NC VolunteersLafayetteJames L. Moseley
Mustian, Wm1st Regt NC VolunteersSuwanneeJames. L. Moseley
Neal, JamesHarvey’s Co GA MilitiaBradfordJohn Dryden
Neal, James S.Harvey’s Co GA MilitiaUnionJohn Dryden
Nelson, Thomas M.18th Regt US InfantrySumterL.B. Branch, William Caruthers, F.W. Durance and James Weeks
Nelson, WadeHall’s Co GA MilitiaNassauBryan Gardner & Wm N Branch
Nettles, JohnWalker’s Co SC MilitiaBradfordWm Strickland
Norman, Artaxerxes B.Clark’s Co GA VolunteersMadisonWm S. Woodward
Norman, Wm J.43rd US InfantrySumterSamuel J. Lesenur
Northcutt, WoodsonDillard’s Co VA MilitiaPascoZachariah SewardMary Northcutt (d. before 1854)
Nunn, EliHoward’s Co GA MilitiaGadsdenEdmond Hartley
O’Neal, Micajah1st NC MilitiaNassauPeter B. Dumas
Osborn, GeorgeGA MilitiaJacksonAnderson Prather
Osteen, ReubenChapman’s Co SC MilitiaUnionEzekiel Weeks
Owens, JohnParsons’ Co SC MilitiaMarionFrancis B. HigginsElizabeth Owens (d. before 1855)
Owens, JohnTanner’s Co SC MilitiaNassauRichard Ratcliff
Page, Nathan2nd Regt TN MilitiaJacksonChandler Yonge
Palmer, George8th Regt US InfantryJacksonWm J. Baker
Patterson, DavidBarton’s Co GA VolunteersMadisonRhydon May
Patterson, JosephShiver’s Co GA MilitiaOsceolaJoseph ForsythElizabeth Patterson (d. before 1853)
Paxton, JosephGA MilitiaNassauWayne SwearingenMartha Paxton (d. before 1855)
Peal, ThomasMcClenny’s Co VA MilitiaWaltonHugh McClean
Perdue, JohnKilpatrick’s Co NC VolunteersMadisonGatlin Perdue
Perry, JoshuaDouglas Co SC MilitiaAlachuaLucy Perry (widow)
Peterson, JohnMiller’s Co LA MilitiaOsceolaWilliam L. Criglar
Phillips, William1st Regt SC MilitiaHillsboroughEdmund Jones
Ramsey, JamesNC MilitiaJeffersonOverton Lee
Ray, JohnSC MilitiaJacksonJohn Ray
Richards, StephenWhitaker’s Co GA MilitiaCalhounStephen Richards
Ridley, VincentMcKnight’s Co TN MilitiaColumbiaAndrew AllenLydia Ridley
Roberts, JamesSC MilitiaVolusiaLewis Roberts
Robertson, ThomasWalter’s Co SC MilitiaLakeJohn M. Hanson
Robertson, ZachariahDawson’s Co GA MilitiaMadisonThomas P. Webb
Robinson, Blake18th Regt US InfantryMarionBlack Robinson
Robinson, Jesse (Captain)2nd Regt US ArtilleryJacksonWalter J. Robinson
Robinson, NicholasSC MilitiaGadsdenNicholas Robinson
Rogers, AndrewBarnwell’s Co SC MilitiaMarionEdmond MartinEleanor A. Rogers (d. before 1856)
Roland, JohnGlasscock’s Co GA MilitiaMadisonThomas LintonMary Land (d. before 1856)
Rountree, John B.SC MilitiaUnionJohn B. Rountree
Rowland, NathanGamble’s Co Ga MilitiaPutnamAdna Johnson
Rowls, JosephGA MilitiaBayOtis FairbanksMartha Rowls
Rudolph, Francis3rd Regt GA MilitiaNassauWm Cooper
Russ, ThomasNicholson’s Co US Sea FenciblesLibertyThomas Russ
Rye, John W.Hall’s Co GA MilitiaNassauBryan Gardner & Wm N Branch
Sauls, Abraham J.Barnwell’s Co SC MilitiaMarionEdmund Martin
Sawyer, JohnGA MilitiaColumbiaJohn W. PriceMary Sawyer
Scrogen, Russell2nd Regt TN MilitiaPascoZachariah Seward
Seward, ZachariahPace’s Co VA MilitiaHillsboroughZachariah Seward
Shands, Augustine9th Rgmt VA MilitiaColumbiaAugustine ShandsSarah Shands
Shands, Augustine9th Regt VA MilitiaHamiltonAugustine Shands
Shaw, John4th Regt NC MilitiaMarionJohn Shaw
Sheely, John W.SC MilitiaMarionJohn W. Sheely
Singletary, DavidNicholson’s Co NC MilitiaMadisonHenry ParramoreElizabeth Singletary (d. before 1854)
Sirmon, NathanSmith’s Co GA MilitiaOsceolaWilliam L. CriglarNancy Sirman (d. before 1860)
Skipper, LeviSC MilitiaDixieJohn J. McMillan
Slay, WmTeal’s Co SC MilitiaJacksonJohn T. Myrick
Smith, CharlesBeckahm’s LA MilitiaOsceolaWilliam L. Criglar
Smylie, James2nd Regt GA MilitiaUnionJohn S. Pinkston
Sowell, NathanAtkinson’s Co GA MilitiaMadisonJoseph P. LloydSusannah Sowell (d. before 1854)
Spence, RobertSC MilitiaMarionFrancis B. HigginsElizabeth Spence (d. before 1855)
Stack, Wm3rd Regt SC MilitiaSt JohnsJohn C. Chambers
Stallings, JamesRussell’s Co VA MilitiaJacksonWm J. BakerJames Stallings minor (d. before 1854)
Stamps, HoseaTN MilitiaMarionJames S. Martin
Stanaland, Richard FRawls’ Co GA MilitiaColumbiaRichard F. Stanaland
Stephens, NathanielMiller’s Co GA MilitiaBrevardWm W. Johnson
Stewart, AlexanderLane’s Co GA MilitiaMarionEphraim Blitch
Stone, Wm1st NC MilitiaNassauPeter B. Dumas
Strischka, JosephBaden’s Co MD MilitiaLakeJohn M. Hanson
Strisehka, Joseph ABaden’s co MD MilitiaMarionJohn WoffordChristiana Strisehka (d. before 1860) See also #155 (Strischka)
Strong, John B.Mann’s Co GA MilitiaSt LucieHarry V. GrossNancy M. Strong-minor
Sturgis, Benjamin H.GA MilitiaDixieJordan Purvis & Oscar Edenfield
Suber, DanielSC MilitiaPutnamAdna Johnson
Suddeth, LewisPark’s Co GA MilitiaSumterSamuel J. Lesenur
Swann, Wm.8th Regt US InfantryJacksonWm Swann
Taylor, Benjamin2nd Regt TN MilitiaJacksonChandler Yonge
Taylor, StephenHamilton’s Co SC MilitiaColumbiaJohn R. Spier
Thomas, CookNY MilitiaColumbiaJabez T. GallowayLydia Thomas
Thompson, Robert3rd Rgmt GA MilitiaColumbiaJoseph PriceSarah Thompson
Thrower, JesseHall’s Co GA MilitiaOsceolaWilliam L. Criglar
Todd, IsaacJones’ Co MA MilitiaBayJohn McCormickJohn Todd (Minor)
Todd, JamesKelly’s Co SC MilitiaLevyAndrew N. McFallRobert Todd minor (d. before 1860)
Todd, JamesKelly’s Co SC MilitiaMarionRobert Todd (minor)(d. before 1856)
Tompson, RichardBird’s Co GA MilitiaUnionJohn Douglass
Tucker, Orren D.Robinson’s Co GA MilitiaHamiltonOrren D. Tucker
Tuten, AmosBarnwell’s Co SC MilitiaMarionEdmund MartinNancy Tuten (d. before 1856)
Vanlandingham, JohnDouglas Co SC MilitiaAlachuaJohn Vanlandingham
Veale, Thomas L.Kennard’s Co NC MilitiaLevyJoseph HoffmanHarriet Veale (d. before 1855)
Waldron, OliverBird’s Co GA MilitiaMarionOliver Waldron
Waldron, OliverBird’s Co GA MilitiaPutnamOliver Waldron
Wallace, JohnHenderson’s Co SC MilitiaHillsboroughJames Jones
Walls, Elisha C.Barnwell’s Co SC MilitiaMarionEdmund Martin
Walls, JosephBarnwell’s Co SC MilitiaMarionEdmund Martin
Watkins, WmLee’s Co SC MilitiaMarionJohn J. Dickinson
Watson, JohnUS ArtilleryJacksonJoseph HunterSarah Watson (d. before 1855)
Weatheford, EliasGalliard’s Co SC MilitiaSumterWm H. Mellard
Webb, AxionHall’s Co GA MilitiaMadisonAxion Webb
Weeks, ArchibaldBarnwell’s Co SC MilitiaMarionArchibald Weeks
Welhelmi, Isaac Charles4th Regt US InfantrySt JohnsJames J. Daniel
Wellingham, AlbanMann’s Co GA MilitiaOrangeEdward M. Hudson
Wells, CainSC MilitiaColumbiaShadrach Haddock
Wells, John J.Williams’ Co TN VolunteersHillsboroughJohn Norwood
Whatley, ShirleySC MilitiaColumbiaRichard HallowayNancy Whatley
White, JamesWard’s Co SC MilitiaBradfordWm. H. Driggers
White, ThomasMitchell’s Co TN MilitiaPutnamAugustus B. Green
Whitfield, James A.Gamble’s Co GA MilitiaUnionJames A. Whitfield
Whittle, James M.Cheatham’s Co SC MilitiaMadisonReason Whittle
Wiggins, PeterGA MilitiaNassauSamuel Walker
Wilcox, JohnBryant’s Co SC MilitiaMadisonAdoniram VannJeanna Wilcox (d. before 1854)
Williams, JohnVA MilitiaHillsboroughBoling Burnett
Williamson, BenjaminBuford’s Co GA MilitiaVolusiaJames L. Fabian
Willis, James[Dean’s Co?]GadsdenJames Willis
Willis, Wm CHamilton’s Co GA MilitiaOsceolaLittleton Banks
Wilson, Tilden W.2nd Rgmt TN Mounted GunmanBradfordRichard J. Godwin
Winniford, GeorgeVA MilitiaSumterJames GoughMartha WInniford (d. before 1855)
Wood, DavidSC MilitiaSuwanneeJames M. Baker
Word, AlexanderHenderson’s Co SC MilitiaHillsboroughNapoleon Burnett
Wright, Benjamin55th NY MilitiaOrangeHenry J. Kerby
Wright, Wm1st Rgmt TN MilitiaDuvalPeter B Dumas
Youman, AbsalomWhiter’s Co SC MilitiaLeonAbsalom Youman
Young, John F.Carr’s Co GA militiaColumbiaThomas Griffin
Yow, JesseThomas’ Co GA MilitiaJacksonBolyn Barkley
Zimmerman, JacobMiddleton’s Co SC MilitiaAlachuaWm H. KennedyPraqit Zimmerman