DNA Utilities and Tools

Below is a list of DNA testing sites available and genetic genealogy utilities and tools to use once you’ve completed your testing. Check out our list of education blogs and webinars.

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DNA Testing

Name Website Cost
23 & Me https://23andme.com Paid
AncestryDNA https://dna.ancestry.com Paid
FamilyTreeDNA https://ftdna.com Paid
LivingDNA https://livingdna.com/ Paid
MyHeritage https://www.myheritage.com Paid
Genes for Good https://genesforgood.sph.umich.edu Free


DNA Utilities & Tools

Name Website Cost
GedMatch https://gedmatch.com Free
Genome Mate Pro https://www.getgmp.com Free
DNA Painter https://dnapainter.com Free and Subscription
DNAGedcom https://www.dnagedcom.com Subscription
Genetic Affairs http://www.geneticaffairs.com Subscription
529andYou https://chrome.google.com/webstore Free
ConnectedDNA https://www.connecteddna.com Paid
DNADNA https://www.dnadna.uk Free
Autosomal DNA utility https://www.twesley.com/dna/adna.htm Free
DNAGedcom https://www.dnagedcom.com Subscription
DNA Genealogy Experiment https://dnagen.net Free
DNA Match Labelling https://chrome.google.com/webstore Free
DNA Match Manage https://heirloomsoftware.com/dna-match-manager/ Free
DNA Pool Analyser http://gigatrees.com/ Free
Double Match Triangulator http://www.doublematchtriangulator.com Free
MapsS Europe https://www.maps-phasing.com Subscription
MatchCompare https://sortingdnacousins.blogspot.com/p/blog-page.html Free
MedBetterDNA https://chrome.google.com/webstore Free
NodeXL https://www.smrfoundation.org/nodexl/ Free
Overlapping Segments https://staffan.betner.nu/shiny/overlappingsegments/ Free
Pedigree Thief https://chrome.google.com/webstore Free
Progeny Charting Companion https://progenygenealogy.com Paid
Your DNA Family https://www.yourdna.family Free and Subscription