Submitted by Descendants:  Corey Ryan, Karen Lyn, Kaylee Ann, Maedell “Mae” Routh, and Max Clinton CARR, Jr.; Kaitlin Courtney, Kimberly Kay Carr, Kristin Nicole, and Lindsey Kay MARTIN; and Glenn Franklin ROUTH

When you consider the professional positions he held and his beautiful handwriting you expect to find Henry C. Wilson had a very good education.  The information available suggests Henry Wilson was an outstanding citizen of the community.  He was elected Probate Judge, elected Clerk of the Court in 1843 and signed off on an election of Senators and Representatives in 1844.  He operated a 160 acre farm and owned 2 forges, a blacksmiths house and lot.  Also, he voted in the first statewide election and signed petitions supporting issues that were important to the development of the Territory of Florida.

Henry Wilson was born c1816 in North Carolina.  In an application he made in July 1843 for 160 acres of land to settle upon in Alachua County, Territory of Florida he stated in writing that he became a resident of Florida in June 1838.  He was the head of a family having married Martha B. Tison on 1 April 1841 and was the father of five 95) children.  Unfortunately, Henry Wilson died on 23 December 1853 at the age of thirty-six (36).  The cause of his death is unknown.

Henry C. Wilson was first established as a Florida Pioneer in 2000