Jasper Newton WILSON

Submitted by Descendants:  Aliah Anne FARLEY; Audrey Michel, Austin Ray, Ethan Kyle, Ira Henry, Keira Elizabeth, Kyle Edward, Michael Lee, Reece Everett, Susan A Routh, Thomas Cole, Thomas Harold, and Trace Michael JACKSON

The eldest of five children, Jasper Newton Wilson was born 27 March 1842 in Newmansville, Alachua County, Florida, to Henry C. Wilson and Martha B. Tison

The Jesse Talbot Bernard Institute, was established in 1852 and Jasper, age 10, listed as a student in Ms. Bernard’s diary.

On 3 September 1861 at age 21, Jasper enlisted in the Confederate States Army in Starke, Florida.  He served until 1865 and on 4 April 1866 married Laura Strobar Guinn in Alachua County.  The census records list Jasper as a farmer, and he and Laura had ten children, six boys and four girls.

Jasper was baptized at Gallows Pond on 4 April 1890 and worshipped at Forrest Grove Baptist Church near Alachua.

Jasper’s application for a homestead certificate was signed by Grover Cleveland on 6 July 1893, but Jasper passed away from cancer on 21 March 1893 at age 51, never knowing of its acceptance.  Jasper and his wife Laura are buried together in the Forest Grove Cemetery in Alachua County, Florida.

Jasper Newton Wilson was first established as a Florida Pioneer in 2001