Charles L. WILSON

Submitted by Descendants:  Debbie, Jann, & Alexis ROTSTEIN

Oral history tells us that Charles L. Wilson was born in Bangor, Maine in 1818.  Charles L. Wilson registered to vote in the 1845 statewide election in Mineral Springs, Columbia County.  He married Lydia Gillett.  Their first daughter, Susan Elizabeth Wilson, was born 31 October 1847, with their second daughter Martha Jane in 1849, followed by twins, Frances E. and Matilda J., born in 1854.  Charles L. Wilson assumed responsibility for a 13 year old Jerome Jones in 1847, who is listed with the family in the 1850 Federal Census for Alachua County.

In the fall of 1849, Charles L. Wilson ran for the office of Sheriff of Alachua County.  Charles served the citizens of Alachua County from 1849-1855.  He was appointed Elisor of Levy County on 11 December 1850.  This is the de facto tax collector, coroner, process server, and possible sheriff for this neighboring county.

In 1852 it appears that Charles and Lydia have given up living on a farm/plantation and moved into the town of Newnansville.  By the summer of 1854, it seems that the marriage is over for Lydia and Charles, and a divorce was granted on 15 December 1854.

Charles L. Wilson then married Mary Caroline Tison Russell on 28 December 1854.  A son, George F. Wilson, is born to this marriage.

It is noted in Alachua County Judgment Record A, page 504, dated Monday 11 May 1857, Charles L. Wilson had died.  His place of death was most likely Columbia County and the location of his grave has not been identified at this time.

Charles L. Wilson and Lydia Gillett daughters’ married and raised families in the Alachua and Columbia County areas.

Charles L. Wilson was first established as a Florida Pioneer in 2011