William WORLEY

Submitted by Descendants:  Christina M., James M. Jr.,

Lisa L., Raylene M., and Stephanie M. WORLEY

William S. Worley was born to Jacob and Mary in February of 1856.  In 1880 William was listed on the Manatee County census as a single man and a herder.  By 1881 he had marks and brands of his own registered and in 1883 William purchased property in Fort Odgen, Manatee County, which is now entirely in Desoto County.

Well on his way to becoming a respected cattleman in his own right, William married Missouri Langford on 9 September 1886 and they had nine children.  It is said William died suddenly on 23 October 1911 after returning from what would be his last cattle drive.  William Worley and his wife Missouri are buried in the Joshua Creek Cemetery in Desoto County, Florida.

William Worley was first established as a Florida Pioneer in 2007