Joseph Alexander McINTOSH

Submitted by Descendants:  Gregory N., Jon L. III, and Jon L. COURSON Jr.

Joseph Alexander McIntosh was born in Nassau County, Florida and lived there his entire life.  Deserted by his father, he was raised by his Grandfather, Joseph Alexander Higginbotham.  He served as a Confederate Soldier during the Civil War, the only time he was away from his beloved homestead.

Joseph had a modest, unassuming lifestyle, but clear and unmistakable virtues, led by a determined will to achieve.  He had a deep love for his native land.

He was a farmer, raised a large family, and today has many, many descendants.  We meet once a year to honor him and keep the McIntosh family in contact with each other.  We are proud of our heritage which was established during Joseph’s lifetime.

Without a doubt, Joseph Alexander McIntosh was a true Pioneer of Florida.

Joseph Alexander McIntosh was first established as a Florida Pioneer in 2006