Alexander James McKENZIE

Submitted by Descendant:  David Morgan FRANKLIN

Alexander James McKenzie was born 25 January 1810 in Montgomery County Georgia.  In the 1820s he moved to Gadsden County Florida with his father and brothers where he settled and married Rebecca Blount in 1829.  Rebecca Blount and Alexander McKenzie had seven children.  Alexander was mustered in to fight in the 2nd Seminole War on two occasions in March 1837 and November 1839 as evidenced by the pension file of his second wife Sarah Jane Butler. 

In the early 1840s, Alexander decided to move to Texas with his brother and sold all he had and began to move to Texas.  On 1 March 1844, the steamboat that Alexander and his family were on collided with another on the Mississippi as evidenced by an article in Lloyd’s Steamboat Directory.  Alexander’s wife and seven children were lost.  Alexander then returned to Florida and married a widow, Sarah Jane Butler of Gadsden County in September 1844.

Alexander and his second wife, Sarah Jane Butler, lived in Gadsden County until the early 1850s then moved to Walton County Florida where they remained until the hostilities of the War Between the States erupted.  They refugeed to Alabama in the early 1860s and settled in Brundridge, Alabama near Troy in Pike County.  They later moved to the town of Troy.  Alexander and Sarah butler raised two sons and three daughters.

Alexander James McKenzie died on 15 October 1890 in Troy Alabama.

Alexander James McKenzie was first submitted as a Florida Pioneer in 2005