Submitted by Descendant:  Erman Edward MURRAY

John A. Whitehurst was born about 1815 in Georgia, he first settled in Hamilton County, Florid about 1835.  He fought twice, in 1836 and 1840, with the Florida Militia during the Seminole wars.

He settled in Benson County (now Hernando) about 1841 with his wife Elizabeth and one child Mary Ann.  He voted in the first Florida election held 26 May 1845.  He and Elizabeth had three more children:  Georgia Ann, Susan, and Christopher.

Finally settling in Hillsborough County about 1855 about 8-9 miles from “Old Town” Tampa, John A. and Elizabeth had four more children:  Winfield, Harney, Francis, and Henrietta.

At the beginning of the Civil War, he was against seceding from the Union.  Being a Union loyalist he refused to join the Confederate Army and had expressed his “intention of fighting for no flag but the one he was brought up and always lived under”.  As a result, John A. and Elizabeth lost everything.

John A. and Scott Whitehurst (his brother) were killed by the Rebels when they left Egmont Key (in Tampa Bay) by boat to organize the Union loyalists in Tampa to assist the Union Navy in invading Tampa.  The Union never invaded Tampa.

Scott and John A. Whitehurst were buried on Egmont Key by the Union Navy.

John Whitehurst was first established as a Florida Pioneer in 2011