Submitted by Descendants:  Halley Jr., Halley Bronson III, and Halley BRONSON IV

Jesse Wiggans was born Tatnall County, Georgia and moved to Columbia County, Florida where he enlisted in Captain W. B. North’s Company of Florida Volunteers and served from January to June of 1836 and was discharged at Fort Gilliland, Florida.

Jesse moved about throughout North and Central Florida and lived at Lebanon in Levy County, Florida, Fort Brook in Hillsborough County, Florida, and finally settling in Black Dirt in Levy County, Florida.  He died at Fort Clark, Alachua County, Florida on the 1st of June 1882.  He was married two times but had only one surviving child named Sarah Wiggins who married Bronson L. Lewis.

He appears to have led a rather nondescript life for very little has been found about his life except a Widow’s Pension for service in the Indian War which was filed by his second wife, Elizabeth Wiggins.

Jesse Wiggans was first established as a Florida Pioneer in 2003