John Christopher PILLANS

Submitted by Descendant:  May Fair Murrell GOWDY

John Christopher Pillans was born 18 February 1780 in Charleston, South Carolina.  He lived in Charleston, married Elizabeth Palmer of that city in 1811 and was the owner of a cotton plantation on Edisto Island, South Carolina.

Family writing indicates that john Christopher came to Madison County, Florida in the mid-1830s. He established a cotton plantation there.  He was listed in the 1840 census as Head of Household and was a charter member and elder of the Madison Presbyterian Church, which was founded on 8 March 1840.  He also voted in the 1845 Statehood Election.

John Christopher died in Madison 11 September 1864 and is buried in the Old Oakland Cemetery.

John Christopher Pillans was first established as a Florida Pioneer in 2000