Cathrina Margarite Anna MABRUMATI

Submitted by Descendants:  Kathleen Elizabeth Hagan TINDELL and Christine TINDELL-DAWSON

Cathrina Margarite Anna Mabrumati was born 13 March 1785 in St. Augustine, Florida.  She was one of six children born to Anastacio Mabrumati and Francisca Llebres. 

Cathrina married Josiah “Joseph” Hagan in St. Augustine, Florida, 27 October 1800.  Joseph and Cathrina had ten children.  Cathrina later married (2nd husband) Miguel Marie Salom, 08 May 1828.  Miguel and Cathrina had two children, both born in St. Augustine, Florida.

Cathrina and Joseph raised their children in the Mandarin, Julington Creek area, which flow into the St. Johns River.

Life was far from easy and they had to endure many hardships, but still the family endured and prospered, Cathrina Margarite Anna Mabrumati died c. 1877.

Cathrina Margarite Anna Mabrumati was first established as a Florida Pioneer in 1990