Submitted by Descendants:  Kathleen Alicia Tindell BOUCHER and Kathleen Elizabeth Hagan TINDELL

Anastacio Mabrumati, son of Antonio Mabrumati and Maria Marcelino, born in Milo, Greece 1751.  At the age of 17 years he was picked up by Andrew Turnbull on a ship that left Mahon, Greece 1768, to New Smyrna in 1776.  Francisca died 21 August 1791.  After the death of Francisca, Anastacio married Marie Pierce (2nd Wife), the widow of Robert Whitmore, 30 July 1794.  Marie Pierce died 15 May 1796, so Anastacio raised his six children much on his own.

Anastacio was a signer of a Memorial to Governor Manuel De Zespedes in 1784, at St. Augustine.  Six years after their arrival in St. Augustine, the family was living in their own “house of boards” in the Greek Settlement at St. Augustine, Florida.  He was a planter cultivating two acres of land as a tenant.  A few years later, he owned four acres of land about a mile north of the city gates in St. Augustine, in the area of the large cross.  He also owned a house inside the wall of the city.

Eventually, he had a 150acre grant on the south shores of the Rio San Juan (St. Johns River).  His ranch was called “El Toro”.

Anastacio Mabrumati was first established as a Florida Pioneer in 2002