Academic Libraries

Finding Treasures in Academic Libraries

You may think that academic libraries will not hold genealogical information for you. You are in for a surprise! We will review holdings in three academic institutions, — their general collections, special collections and archives. Topical research will be covered. Discover how to find the right institution, how to use their catalog, how to prepare for your visit and once there, how to research most efficiently. Even if your ancestor was not a student, or on faculty or staff, records pertaining to your ancestor may be there.
Using Non-Population Schedules for Context and Evidence

Using Non-Population Schedules for Context and Evidence

Every 10 years the US Federal Government gathers data to apportion the House of Representatives. You may not know that in the 1800s, they also gathered statistical information related to business and industries, communities, agriculture, mortality and assessment of the insane, physically handicapped and those individuals in prison. Some of these schedules will provide you with evidence, while others provide context interpretation of other pieces of evidence is bolstered and your family history enlivened. Using examples of each, learn how these schedules can help, why they were established and where they can be found.

Jill Morelli lectures and writes on genealogical topics that often transcend the more narrowly defined family history. She provides general genealogy services and house histories in the Puget Sound and national venues.