Communicating on a Shoestring Budget: Cost Effective Solutions for Societies

Communicating on a Shoestring Budget: Cost-Effective Solutions for Societies

This presentation will introduce an arsenal of free or low-cost communication tools that can be employed by genealogical societies to boost communication effectiveness and polish the professional image of the organization. Where multiple communication options exist, the pros and cons of using a particular toolset will be weighed. Examples of practical genealogical application of these tools will illustrate how they could be used in various scenarios such as event planning or fundraising. The range of topics to be covered include: Email, Voice, Events, Calendars, Surveys, File Sharing, Online Meetings, Video, Chat, Social Media, Websites, and Tool Integration.

Deena Coutant is passionate about creating family legacies that connect the past, present and future generations, through stories, photos or by uncovering the DNA of those ancestors who were previously lost to history.