Brick Walls

Attacking Brick Walls Using Technology and Traditional Methods

Inevitably there are brick walls in genealogy. These situations take extra time, effort, and money to solve, giving up isn’t the answer.  Unusual and little-known resources can make all the difference. We will use step-by-step processes using various substitutes and thinking out of the box to facilitate assistance in breaking through difficult brick walls.

Claire V. Brisson-Banks, BS, MLIS AGR is the Owner of Timeless Genealogies, a provider of ancestral and forensic research services. Her personal areas of expertise are Technology Advances, Social Media, US, Canadian, England, Scotland, Brick Walls, and Working with and Involving Youth in Family History and Genealogy. She is an experienced professional and leader in various facets of technology, education, leadership, marketing, genealogy, and an online professor.