Organizing and Carrying Out a Society Project

Organizing and Carrying Out a Society Project

Whether big or small, a society project can be a daunting task. This presentation is designed to help the society officers and volunteers manage a society-wide project from start to completion. We will explore selecting a project, budgeting the finances, committee and individual responsibilities, timelines and due dates, and record keeping. A case study will be discussed.

C. Ann Staley, CGSM, CGLSM, is a lecturer, instructor, consultant and trip leader. Raised in Mobile, AL, Ann has been researching her family since 1980 from Alabama, Mississippi, and Virginia to France, England, and Germany. She is the Vice-President of the Genealogical Speakers Guild, on the faculty of The National Institute for Genealogical Studies, and has been an associate of the Board for Certification of Genealogists since 2000. As Education Chairman of the Jacksonville Genealogical Society, Inc. in Jacksonville, FL, Ann developed and has taught the Beginning and the Intermediate Genealogy Courses since 1995.

WordPress for Your Society: No Blogging Required

WordPress for Your Society: No Blogging Required

WordPress is an amazingly powerful and flexible tool for bringing your society website into the 21st century. Learn the basics and see examples of how other societies are using the platform. Consider advanced options for integrated society management. Easy to use and incredibly dynamic, take a look at the possibilities to see if WordPress is right for you!

Rorey Cathcart is a lecturer and professional genealogist at The Who Hunter LLC based in Charleston. Research specialties include South Carolina, Southern States and Irish Heritage.

Communicating on a Shoestring Budget: Cost Effective Solutions for Societies

Communicating on a Shoestring Budget: Cost-Effective Solutions for Societies

This presentation will introduce an arsenal of free or low-cost communication tools that can be employed by genealogical societies to boost communication effectiveness and polish the professional image of the organization. Where multiple communication options exist, the pros and cons of using a particular toolset will be weighed. Examples of practical genealogical application of these tools will illustrate how they could be used in various scenarios such as event planning or fundraising. The range of topics to be covered include: Email, Voice, Events, Calendars, Surveys, File Sharing, Online Meetings, Video, Chat, Social Media, Websites, and Tool Integration.

Deena Coutant is passionate about creating family legacies that connect the past, present and future generations, through stories, photos or by uncovering the DNA of those ancestors who were previously lost to history.

Tradition and Technology: Finding Your Society's Balance

Tradition and Technology: Finding Your Society’s Balance

Explore a variety of techniques to assist your society in finding stable ground within the fast-paced world of technology.

D. Joshua Taylor, MA, MLS is a nationally known and recognized genealogical author, lecturer, and researcher and a frequent speaker at family history events across the globe. Passionate about family history, Joshua is the President of the New York Genealogical & Biographical Society (NYG&B) and also serves the genealogical community as President of the Federation of Genealogical Societies (FGS)

Mob Action: Working as a Group to Get and Stay Afloat

Mob Action: Working as a Group to Get and Stay Afloat

The objectives here are to help the attendee and his/her society create a cohesive group, use internal resources to help save money, and increase membership. Using principles of small group dynamics, the presenter will acquaint those in attendance with the various terms of the “field” and how these apply to genealogical societies. The problems that result in lowered attendance, membership drop-off, and failure to adhere to the governing documents (bylaws and standing rules) will be discussed in an effort to convince society members to avoid such experiences. The value of a group mission statement, identified leadership, and common goals will be emphasized. Finally, to help those whose groups are experiencing financial issues, some suggestions for bolstering the attendance while staying within a budget will be provided. Member interaction and task management techniques can help a society improve its efficiency. Develop programs from within to save money and build an interdependent group.

Jean Wilcox Hibben; PhD, MA, CG, is the Director of the Corona Family History Center and a Board Member of the Assoc. of Professional Genealogists (and Past-President of the So. Calif. Chapter). She served as lead researcher on the PBS television program Genealogy Roadshow in 2013.

Beyond the Simple Website: 5 Technologies for Putting the "Social" into "Society"

Beyond the Simple Website: 5 Technologies for Putting the “Social” into “Society”

Your society’s website is only a first step in successful communication. The modern hi-tech world requires that you investigate and use additional online tools in order to hold on to current members, to attract prospective members, and to let the local community know what you are accomplishing. The objective of this webinar is to help the attendee become aware of five popular and free online tools that any society can use to strengthen communication between the society and its members, to showcase the society and its activities to prospective members, and to make the public aware of the positive impact the society’s activities are having within the local community and beyond. The function and benefits of each tool will be presented, including how to assess its impact. Facebook: a way for the society to reach an enormous audience, keeping current members up to date and attracting new members. Twitter: a way to get small bits of information out quickly to the public with links to more information. Pinterest: a way to use attractive photos, infographics, and other visual information to interest members and non-members. Blogs: a way to replace print newsletters and awkward-to-update websites with the latest society news. Hangouts: a way to put engaging video about your society and its members in front of a wide audience.

Drew is an Assistant Librarian with the Academic Services unit of the University of South Florida (USF) Tampa Library and has taught graduate-level courses in genealogical librarianship and indexing/abstracting.