Suggested Florida Reference Resources

Florida County List with dates of origin and county record information


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  1. 1783 Spanish Census of East Florida
  2. 1821 & 1823 Census Index, West Florida - Internet:
  3. 1830-1920 Federal Census (There is no Federal census for 1790-1820 or 1890) All Florida census are indexed.
  4. 1864 Military Census - Jacksonville, Fernandina and St. Augustine. Ordered by the Department of the South, Hilton Head, SC.
  5. 1885 Federal Census. Indexed by Tom and Patti Martin.
  6. 1935 and 1945 State Census.
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Churches & Cemeteries:

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  2. Florida Veterans Graves Registration Project - 9 Microfilm
  3. The Pioneer Churches of Florida. Daughters of the American Revolution, Chuluota, FL.: Mickler House Publishers, 1976.

Land Records:

  1. 1824 East Florida Land Titles. House of Representatives Document Numbered 413, 18th Congress - First Session, 1824.
  2. 1830 Private Land Claims in East Florida. Secretary of the Treasury. 21stCongress, 1st Session.
  3. Armed Occupation Act of 1842. United States. General Land Office. Florida District. Applications for permits to settle from 1842 to 1843. The permits were filed at the Saint Augustine and Newnansville Federal District Land Office.
  4. Bureau of Land Management - Pre 1908 Florida Land Records. Internet:
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  7. Land Claims in East Florida: 1826. Taken from the 19th Congress First Session. House of Representative Report Number 503.
  8. Spanish Land Grants in Florida. Unconfirmed and Confirmed Claims. 6 Vols. Tallahassee, FL: State Library Board, 1940.


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  2. Compiled Service Records of Confederate Soldiers. National Archives M251 - 104 Microfilm.
  3. Compiled Service Records of Volunteer Soldiers from the Florida Indian Wars (1835-1858). National Archives M1086 - 63 Microfilm.
  4. Compiled Service Records of Volunteer Soldiers from the Spanish American War. National Archive M1087 - 13 Microfilm.
  5. Compiled Service Records of Volunteer Union Soldiers. National Archives M400 - 11 Microfilm.
  6. Florida Militia Muster Rolls, Seminole Indian Wars. 10 Vols. on the Internet at Internet Archive and at the Florida Department of Military Affairs. Published at St. Augustine, FL: Florida Department of Military Affairs and the Jacksonville Genealogical Society, Inc.
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  10. Index of Service Records of Confederate Soldiers. National Archives M225 - 9 Microfilm.
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  15. World War I Draft Registrations. National Archives M1509 - (Microfilm - 39 reels)

Native American:

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Territorial Period:

  1. Armed Occupation Act of 1842. (See #43)
  2. Archives of Spanish Government of West Florida, 1782-1816. National Archives T1116, seven Microfilm and Index to the Archives of Spanish West Florida 1782-1810. New Orleans, LA: Polyanthos, 1975.
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  9. Nile's Register 1811-1849 (Microfilm) - Indexed on CD-ROM
  10. Records of Special Agents for Securing the Florida Archives 1799-1836.National Archives 6 Microfilm.
  11. Siebert, Wilbur Henry. Loyalists in East Florida 1774-1785. Deland, FL: Florida State Historical Society, 1929.
  12. Wolfe, William A. and Janet B., Compiler. Names and Abstracts from the Acts of the Legislative Council of the Territory of Florida 1822-1845. Rev. Ed.. Decorah, IA: Florida State Genealogical Society, Inc., 1991.

Vital Records:

  1. Florida Courthouse Records for all counties are available at the Florida State Archives and through the LDS church. Check the LDS Library Catalog.
  2. Microfiche indexes to Marriage 1927+, Death 1877+ and Divorce 1927+ at the Jacksonville Vital Records Office. These indexes are available at the Florida State Archives. The libraries listed on this page also hold the indexes.

Don't forget to use some of the following excellent resources such as:

  • City Directories
  • Manuscript collections at local, state and national libraries, archives and universities
  • Newspapers
  • County & Local Histories
  • Periodicals - local, state and national