William ROWELL and Sarah DIXON

Submitted by Descendant:  Gloria KEMP

William Rowell was born in South Carolina about 1791.  William married Sarah Dixon in Monroe County, Georgia on 18 September 1826.  He signed as a petitioner (Wm Rowell) on the “Petition to Acting Governor Westcott by Citizens of Jefferson County, Florida” on 18 January 1832.

William Rowell served as a Captain in the Second Seminole War in “Captain Rowell’s Company, 1st Florida Military Militia” (Florida War).  He mustered in at Camp Wacissa, Middle Florida on 9 June 1838 and mustered out on 17 November 1838 at Camp Carter, Middle Florida.  He next served at Sandy Ford of the Aucilla River, mustered in on 15 April 1839 and mustered out on 4 September 1839 at Sandy Ford of the Aucilla River, Florida.  Records show the “Value of the horse for William Rowell” was listed for $115.00

He appears in the 1840 U.S. Federal Census with his family in Jefferson County, Florida.  William bought 159.94 acres in Jefferson County, Florida on 12 December 1831.  He also bought 79.88 acres in Jefferson County, Florida on 10 March 1843, and bought 80.72 acres in Jefferson County, Florida on 10 April 1848.  All parcels were bought under the “Land Treaty of April 24, 1820”.

William voted in the first statewide election, 26 May 1845 in Precinct No. 4, (Bailey’s Store), Jefferson County, Florida.  There was also a Caleb Rowell that voted next to our William in that election.

William Rowell is listed in the 1860 Agricultural Census in Jefferson County, Florida.  He had 39 acres Of Improved Land, 90 acres of Unimproved Land, $300.00 Cash Value of the Farm, $25.00 Value of Farm Implements and Machinery, and also listed $160.00 Value of Livestock.

William Rowell was first established as a Florida Pioneer in 2011