William GAINER


Submitted by Descendant:  Ellen Lavara Gainer WRIGHT

William Gainer and Jane L. Watts, who hailed from Georgia, were married 21 January 1813.  During the campaign of 1818, William came into the Territory of Florida with Andrew Jackson, as a surveyor and mathematician.  Returning to Georgia, William and Jane had four children, but in 1824, he moved his family from Augusta, Georgia, to the marvelous land in the Territory of Florida.  Here William and Jane added eight more children to their family.

Jane died after the birth of their last child in 1837.  The only thing remaining from the homestead is the family cemetery, where she was laid to rest.  Large oaks still hang with Spanish moss in this peaceful area where the sound of horse drawn carriages once could be heard as they travelled down the road.

William Gainer and Jane L. Watts were first established as Florida Pioneers in 2010