William Augustus PITCHER

William Augustus Pitcher was born 17 April 1805, in New York State.  Because of poor health he moved to Key West, Florida prior to 1837.  He rented a room in the home of the Munson Family, and on 5 October 1837, he married Hanna Wilhelmina “Minta”, one of the Munson daughters.

Originally he was a clerk, but later became a grocery merchant.  He and “Minta” had ten children many of whom married citizens of Key West and remained there throughout their lives.  He was prosperous enough to send a least two of his daughters to boarding school.

William Pitcher and his family were active members of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church.  Their names can be found throughout the Parish Register.

Key West was occupied by Federal troops during the Civil War.  Although friends and family members had divided allegiances, William Pitcher remained loyal to the Union.  He was a member of a Union Volunteer Corps.

Life in Key West was kind to William Pitcher, for in spite of his early health problems, he lived to be seventy-nine.  He died 20 June 1884.  His widow, “Minta”, lived until 1901.  They are buried next to each other in the old City Cemetery.

Submitted by Descendant:  Mary Bartlum WALKER