Tristram BOSTICK, Jr.

Submitted by Descendants:  Barnelia Woodward KRANZ, Charlotte Woodward STRUTH, Laura Woodward WADDELL, and Mary Elizabeth Bostick WOODWARD

Tristram Bostick, Jr. was born in Darlington District, S.C.  He was the eldest son of Tristram and Nancy Thomas Bostick.  He married Ann R. Long in 1825 in Marion District. S.C.

Tristram Jr. and Ann had three children while still in South Carolina.  Their names were William Lewis, James Thomas, and Sara R.  Their fourth child, Tristram III was born in Gadsden County, Florida after the death of his father in 1836.

At the time of his death, his wife, Ann R. Bostick was appointed his Estate Administrix and an inventory of his estate was appraised and itemized.  His total worth was recorded as $2,923.48.  This figure included two slaves, Mathew & Kate, horses, oxen, cattle, hogs, furniture and tools and notes owed.

Tristram Bostick, Jr. was first established as a Florida Pioneer in 2002