Submitted by Descendants:  Heather Danielle, Paula Townsend, and Tara Lynn MARCZYNSKI

Smith Stringer was the oldest son from the first marriage of Daniel Stringer (who owned an extensive amount of land in Thomas County, Georgia adjacent to Leon County, Florida, and lived up into his late sixties).  Smith was married with a family of his own before his father married the second time.

Little is documented about Smith, although he married Sarah Morrison in 1830 and they had 5 children.  Smith was listed in the 1840 Leon County, Florida census along with his family.  He served in the Seminole Indian War in Capt. Alfred Oliver’s 1st Reg Brigade of Florida Mounted Militia in 1840.

Smith inherited property from his father’s 1855 will and much of that property is still in the family today – possibly due to the fact that Sarah took Smith and his brother Daniel E. Stringer to court on behalf of her children’s inheritance.  According to family history, Smith may have gone to Texas with one of his sons, Daniel T. Stringer, but no evidence has been found to document that.

Smith Stringer was first established as a Florida Pioneer in 2004