Sarah Elizabeth GRUBB

Submitted by Descendant:  William Thomas TUTTLE

Sarah Elizabeth Grubb, the fourth child of Nicholas Grubb and Elizabeth K. Nathans, was born in Quincy, Florida on 13 Sep 1837.  Sarah remained in Florida for more than thirty years.  At the age of 16, she married Ephraim M. Tuttle, a resident of Esperance, New York, whom she met while he was working in Quincy.  They had three children, all born in Florida.  Ephraim died 30 Dec 1861 in Quincy.

After Ephraim’s death, Sarah was left with the responsibility of raising three young children during the difficult times of the Civil War and the beginning of the Period of Reconstruction.  She experienced many heartaches:  the deaths of her husband, their second child, David Merritt Tuttle on 25 Oct 1864, and her mother four days later.  Her father died 6 Jan 1870.  In addition, during the War, several relatives died and her uncle, the last Confederate Governor of Florida, Abraham K. Allison, was imprisoned by the North and narrowly escaped execution.

It is not surprising that probably before the end of the decade, Sarah and her two surviving children moved to Esperance, New York where they initially resided with Ephraim’s mother Sarah “Sally” Mandell.  In 1871 Sarah married George W. McCarty.  They had three daughters.  After a long and eventful life, Sarah died at the age of 96 on 18 May 1934.  She was buried in Esperance Cemetery, Esperance, New York.

Sarah Elizabeth Grubb was first established as a Florida Pioneer in 2001