Patrick Augustus McGRIFF

Submitted by Descendants:  Jason Lewis, Keri Lee, and Lee McCormick CORNMAN; Carolyn Marie, Jean McCormick, Kevin Conner, and Susan Leslie IMES; Brian James, Dean Griffin, Ethel Griffin, and Scott Wallace MCCORMICK; William Henry WILLIAMS, Jr.

Patrick Augustus McGriff, also known as Patrick A. McGriff or P.A. McGriff, was born on 6 November 1826 in Gadsden County, Florida, the son of William McGriff and Sarah Speight McGriff.  The family owned and operated a large estate in Gadsden County and Patrick attended boarding school.  His father, William died when Patrick was thirteen years of age and Sarah became the executrix of the estate.

Patrick applied to the Legislative Council of the Territory of Florida for permission to manage his own affairs in 1842 at age sixteen.  Permission was granted by the Council which convened 2nd of January 1843.

On 30 June 1852 Patrick married Susan N. Harvin.  Patrick was a slave owner and operated a large farm along the Georgia-Florida border.

Patrick served the confederacy as a major in the 12th Regiment, Georgia Militia.  He wrote letters home during the war with descriptions of the Confederate Camps and living conditions, the soldiers, and the actual battles.  These letters are now in the Florida Archives.

Patrick returned home after the war and continued to operate his farm.  He died in 1877 and is buried in Gadsden County, Florida.

Patrick Augustus McGriff was first established as a Florida Pioneer in 2006