Oscar Zachariah JONES

Submitted by Descendants:  Jeffords Donalson Jr., Laura Ruth Jones, and Mary Hannah MILLER

Oscar Zachariah Jones was born April 4, 1894 in the small settlement of McCrabb.  At the time this area near Oldtown was considered Lafayette County, but would be cut out for Dixie County in 1921.  Oscar was still living with his family in Lafayette County areas on the 1900 Census.

In later years, Oscar and his parents moved a few miles across the Suwannee River to Branford, Florida.  Here Oscar was drafted into the Army and served overseas in France during World War I.  On returning to Branford he helped his father, Arial Travis Jones in their general store, A.T. Jones and Sons.

In the 1920’s Oscar Zachariah Jones began his own business known as Jones Motor Company.  This was an authorized Ford car dealership and garage around 1925.  Later the Ford dealership was discontinued and Oscar had a Standard Oil Service Station for many years.

Oscar Zachariah Jones married Mildred May Johnson on August 24, 1925.  They became parents of four children.  Oscar and Mildred encouraged their children in their education.  They were supportive and proud that all their children had earned college degrees.

Oscar Zachariah Jones was first submitted as a Florida Pioneer in 2003