Submitted by Descendants:  Julian W, Paula A., and Waldo W. DAVIS

Mary Godwin was born on the 14 of November 1844 in Columbia County, Florida.  She was the daughter of another pioneer, Solomon Godwin and wife Mariah Tyner.

Soloman Godwin, born November 30, 1817 in Georgia came to Florida Territory with his mother, Mary Reid Godwin after his father Soloman Godwin Sr. died.  Soloman married Mariah Tyner in Leon County, Florida on November 9, 1841.  His name appears twice on the “Armed Occupation Act of 1842/43”, once on 7 January 1843 and again on 27 July 1843.  Soloman forfeited his land as he soon moved to Columbia County, Florida where he is listed as a signer of a “Petition to Congress” in the “Territorial Papers dated January 26, 1839”.

The Federal census for Florida in Columbia County lists Soloman Godwin, wife Mary and five of their nine children.  In 1860 Soloman and family are listed in Hillsborough County with eight of their nine children.  This part of Hillsborough became Polk County in 1861.

Mary Godwin married William Raulerson on July 4, 1860 near Ft. Meade, Florida in what became Polk County.  She and William also had nine children.  Their first son born in May of 1865, was named Soloman after Mary’s father, Soloman Godwin.

Soloman Raulerson married Donella Montsdeoca in Polk County.  They were the parents of Mae Raulerson who married Paul Davis, the father of Waldo W. Davis.

Mary Godwin was first established as a Florida Pioneer in 2003