Submitted by Descendants:  Carl Edward, James Edward, and Lora L. KRAMER

(This was written by Nancy Tyson Bichard in her original application for Mariah Buford)

Mariah Buford Tison and her husband, John Tison, left Nassau County for Brevard County around 1860.  They already had seven children when they started out, but the second son, William Henry, died while they were in Marion County.

The family reached Brevard County around 1862.  They settled along a creek near Whittier, which is now known as Kenansville.  This creek was named Tyson Creek for Mariah and John.  Sometime in 1863 John was conscripted into the Civil War.  At that time Mariah was already expecting their last child, Martha Louise, and I am sure she was heartbroken when John had to leave her and all of the children.

John did not return from the Civil War and was never heard from again.  One can only imagine how hard it must have been for Mariah to raise all of these children by herself.

Mariah was able to acquire land in her name in Osceola County and it appears from some deeds that she was instrumental in helping several of her children to acquire their land also.

Mariah Buford was first established as a Florida Pioneer in 2001