Jonathan KNIGHT & Elizabeth TUCKER

Submitted by Descendants:  Charles Nicolas, Gunner Julian, Myra Marie, Sharon Baker ADERMAN; Victoria Lynne A Sarah Ann HARRISON der Sarah Ann HARRISON man LANGSTON; Erin Taylor, Steven F., and Suellen Baker PAIT; Payton Lane and Tina Pait PELLITTERI

Jonathan Knight was born in Cheraw’s District, South Carolina, on 14 February 1781.  The men in his family were farmers and cattlemen, but their history portrays them as a restless clan, always pushing toward better land opportunities.  In 1802, at the age of twenty-one, Jonathan went to Camden County to marry Elizabeth Tucker.  They settled first in Effingham County where their first three children were born, then in Wayne County, adding six more children to the family.

From 1810 to 1812 Jonathan was the sheriff of Wayne County.  He served in the War of 1812, was a soldier in the Creek Indian War, and became captain of the Wayne County militia on 12 November 1813.  Moving to newly formed Lowndes County about 1825, Jonathan became a justice in the first election and also its first representative.  The family became members of the kettle Creek Primitive Baptist Church.

When moving to land he had bought near Middleburg, Florida, Jonathan brought most of his family, thirteen slaves, horses, and cattle.  Jonathan died 17 February 1852 and Elizabeth died shortly thereafter on 13 January 1853.  They were both buried in Fowler Cemetery in Middleburg.

Elizabeth Tucker was born 2 May 1788, probably in Effingham County, Georgia.  She and her two brothers were children of divorced parents, Jemima Andres and Andrew Tucker, and in their early lives the children had a close association with the Knight family.

Jonathan Knight & Elizabeth Tucker were first established as Florida Pioneers in 1987