John James BRONSON

Submitted by Descendant:  Anisca “Nickey” Bronson NEEL

John James Bronson was born 3 February 1852 In Osceola County, the son of James Robert Bronson and first wife Sarah Yates.  He married Eliza Lanier on 24 December 1874 in Orange, now Osceola County.  Their children were William Isaac “Ike”, Edward Richard, John, James Robert, and Emma.

John James died young at the age of 30 on 22 June 1882, the result of a Mustang mare, which was perhaps spooked by a rabbit, reared up and hoofed him in the back.  He died shortly thereafter.  A son, James Robert Bronson was born two months after his death.

John James Bronson was first established as a Florida Pioneer in 2002