John Daniel WILLIAMS

Submitted by Descendants:  John Albert and John Edward BURNETT

John Daniel Williams was an early pioneer of Florida during the Territorial Period (1821-1845) of the State’s history.  He was the son of William Williams and Sarah Harvey and was born circa 1814 at Bryan County, Georgia.  In the 1830’s he migrated to what was then the Florida Territory and settled in Columbia County.  He was first married to Rebecca Sweat (1816-1897) around 834.  John Daniel and his first wife had the following children:

1)        Sarah Williams (1834-1903) married 1st James Prevatt, 2nd John Crews

2)       Elias Williams (1836-1909) married Jane Coombs

3)       Polly Ann Williams (1845-1905) married William Thompson

4)       William Jackson Williams (1842-1903) married Courtney Raulerson

5)       Elizabeth Williams (1843-1934) married Jesse W. Harvey

6)       Caroline Williams (1845-1934) married John Burton Arnold

7)       Nancy Williams (1848-1938) married Joseph Crews

8)       John Commander Williams (1850-1921) married Amanda Frazier

9)       Eliza Williams (1853-1941) married James Harvey

10)   James Jasper Williams (1856-1946) married Sarah Bennett

11)   Martha Lee Williams (1856-1885) married Lee Dugger

12)   Llewellyn L. Williams (1861-1921) married Sarah J. Rhoden

13)   Charity Williams (1862-bef. 1875)

John Daniel Williams served in Captain Bird’s Florida Mounted Volunteers during the Florida War against the Seminole Indians.  He served from 1838 until 1840.  He later served in the Confederate Army as a Sergeant in Co. K, 2nd Regiment Florida Cavalry.  He was a farmer by occupation and at one time owned a small number of slaves he used for his farming operations.

John Daniel Williams divorced his first wife Rebecca (Sweat) Williams and married Georgia Ann (Rewis) Anderson on February 14, 1868.  Georgia Ann Rewis Anderson was the first wife of Malachi Anderson and was the mother of his five children:  Martha, John, Jacob, Robert & George Anderson.  John Daniel Williams and Mrs. Anderson started their relationship sometime around 1860 and several of their children were born previous to their marriage.  Their children were:

1)       General Jackson William (1865-1928) married Elizabeth Davis

2)       Julia Ann Williams (1865-1916) married John B. Starling

3)       William Henry Williams (1866-1943) married Ella Dugger

4)       Randle E. Williams (1867-1941) married 1st Julia Roberts, 2nd Della Register Davis

5)       Selena “Lena” Williams (1870-1933) married 1st John Clark and 2nd Edward Norton

6)       Thomas Jefferson Williams (1873-bef 1955) married 1st Jane Dugger and 2nd Florida Parrish

7)       Ella Williams (1876-1963) married Washington Ruis

8)       Missouri Williams (1880-1907) married James Oscar Kelly

John Daniel Williams and his families lived in the area of Columbia County, Florida that would eventually become Baker County, Florida.  He developed skin cancer and died on the 27th of April 1896.  Both of his wives were at this bedside when he died.  He was buried in what is called the Williams Cemetery near the middle prong of the St. Marys River in what is now the Osceola National Forest.  Neither of his wives is buried with him.  Rebecca Sweat Williams is buried at Cedar Creek Cemetery and Georgia Ann Rewis Anderson Williams is buried at Taylor Cemetery.  All cemeteries mentioned are located in Baker Co., Florida.  John Daniel Williams was often referred to by his nickname “Jocham” Williams.  His descendants are numerous throughout the State of Florida.

John Daniel Williams was first established as a Florida Pioneer in 2000