Jobe Tison RICHARD

Submitted by Descendant:  Jane Richarde BUCK

Jobe Tison Richard was the son of John Charles Richard and Melinda Tison of Alachua County.  His brother, John Charles Richard lived in Middleburg, FL with his wife, Mary Morgan.  The following is a copy of a letter written by John C. Richard from his Sugar Grove Plantation concerning his young son, Jobe.  It is addressed to John Charles Richard II at Middleburg, Florida:

Alachua County, Augt. 18th, 1851

            Dear Son:  I started Jobe off this morning at one quarter past four o’clock to take a mule to you, and it is now past four in the afternoon and Jobe has not returned.  His Mother and myself got uneasy and we have ascertained that he has left to go to Cuba. as he has taken his clothes with him.  I am truly sorry that he has acted in this way, as we are very much opposed to his going.

Now if he has gone off with the calculation of going to Cuba with you, I want you to send him home with Moses (slave) and it will save me any further trouble and uneasiness of mind, and inform me what he said to you, when he joined you this morning.  My Dear Son, I hope you will not hesitate to send Jobe back forthwith, as it will be the means of not putting me to any further trouble.

We are all well today, and hope you are in the enjoyment of the same blessing,

Your affectionate father

Jno. C. Richard

Jobe Tison Richard’s first wife was Mary Caroline Davis; they had one child, Job Tison born in 1860.  His brother, John Charles and Mary later moved to Starke where he was a Captain of Co. B. 10th Reg. Fla. Inf. Confederate States of America and served with his brothers, Robert, Jobe, Osceola and Harney in the Battle of Olustee.  Jobe Tison Richard is mentioned in his brother’s letter from Olustee Station dated Feb 21, 1864, in which he relates:  “The enemy came in force yesterday and we met them one and one half miles of this place…I, as well as Job, Harney and Jasper were not touched…I write but fear you will not get it…Love John”

Jobe Tison Richard’s second wife, Helen Augusta Budington Morgan, was a sister of Mary Morgan, the wife of his brother John Charles.  Jobe Tison Richard lived at Sugar Hill, with his wife, Helen Augusta, on land lying adjacent to the Sugar Grove plantation of his parents in Alachua County, FL.  He was a farmer.  They had five children together.  He died in 1877, and is buried ½ mile south of the Richard Cemetery in an old field with a white picket fence around it.

Jobe Tison Richard was first established as a Florida Pioneer in 2001