Hansford ALFORD

Submitted by Descendant:  John Albert BURNETT

Hansford Alford was born circa 1812 in South Carolina as per the 1850 census for Columbia County, Florida.  Hansford Alford was evidently in Florida when he served as a 1st Corporal/Private in Day & Wilder’s Company of the 13th Regt. In the 1st Brigade of the Florida Mounted Military during the Florida War against the Seminole Indians.  He later served as a 1st Lieutenant in Johnson’s Company of the Florida Mounted Volunteers in the Florida War of 1839-1840 for four months.

Hansford Alford first settled in Hamilton County, Florida Territory, where he received eighty acres of land on the 10th of July 1844.  By 1850, he and his family were living in Columbia County, Florida.  He was first married around 1833 to Jincy Mann (1818-circa 1841) and by this marriage he had two children:

            William Alford (1834-1906)                              married 1st Mary Ann Elizabeth Williams and

                                                                                                                2nd Sarah C. Loadholtz

                Mary Adeline Alford (1836-1920)   married Jonathan Knight Roberts

Around 1841/1842 Hansford Alford married his second wife Louvicy Crosby (1812-circa 1890).  By her he had six more children?

            Sarah Alford (1842-bef. 1920)                         married Mancel Johnson

                Martha Ann Alford (1843-1912)                     married 1st Joseph Harriett

                                                                                                                2nd Seaborn Dobson

                Elizabeth R. Alford (1847-bef. 1920)              married George W. Martin

                Mariah E. (Mary) Alford (1848-bef. 1930)

                John Wesley Alford (1849-1937)                     married Sarah Drucilla Willoughby

                Saleta A. “Lettie” Alford (1854-bef. 1880)    married William Green

Hansford Alford served as a member of the Florida House of Representatives from Columbia County, Florida in 1856.  In 1850 his occupation was listed as MT Clergyman.  In the 1860 census for New River County, Florid, he was listed as a farmer.  He evidently had a varied career as a soldier, clergyman, state representative, farmer, and slaveholder.

Hansford Alford was evidently dead by 1867 as an agent was listed on an 1867 tax record for his wife.  Had he been living, this would not have been necessary.  A VA tombstone was received based on Hansford’s military service and was placed in his memory at Swift Creek Cemetery (Mt. Zion) in Union County, Florida by John & Kathy Burnett and their children, John Edward Burnett and Amy Katherine Burnett.

Hansford Alford was first established as a Florida Pioneer in 2003