Gaspar PAPI / PAPY

Submitted by Descendant:  Latrell E. MICKLER

Gaspar Papy was born about 1751 in Smyrna, Asia Minor, now Izmer, Turkey.  He was Greek and of the Roman Catholic faith.  He was the only person from Smyrna to join the ill-fated venture of Dr. Andrew Turnbull.  He arrived in New Smyrna, Florida, in the summer of 1768 at about 17 years of age, and walked to St. Augustine in 1777 with the surviving members of the “Minorcan” colony.  It was there he lived the rest of his life.

Gaspar married Ana Pons from Mercadal, Minorca, in St. Augustine, British East Florida, 10 Feb 1781.  They had nine children, seven of whom lived to maturity.

As early as 1793, he and his family had a home on St. George and Bridge Sts., property now occupied by the Sisters of St. Joseph convent.

In 1797, Gaspar was awarded 200 acres by Governor White at the head of Mosquito (Tomoka) River in the area of the present day Ormond Beach Airport.  In 1805 the governor awarded him 5 ½ acres “out” Bridge St. near the San Sebastian River ferry crossing, and this was the beginning of Gaspar’s plantation.

Gaspar was a farmer, stock owner, store owner, and respected citizen, often entertaining the Spanish governor and other dignitaries in his home where his daughter Josefa entertained with song and dance.  He made wine of grapes from his vineyard for Communion in the Cathedral.  He was a Godfather to many of the town’s children.

At the time of his death, 14 Jul 1817, Gaspar owned a “mansion” on St. George St., the tow joined houses he built on Aviles St., a 14 acre plantation with a house, three houses on present day Charlotte St., a store with goods, cattle swine and horses, a cart, etc.

He is buried in St. Augustine’s Tolomato Cemetery, exact location unknown.

Gaspar Papi / Papy was first established as a Florida Pioneer in 2005