Florida W. MURRHEE

Submitted by Descendants:  Gregory N., Jon L III, and Jon L. COURSON Jr.

Florida W. Murrhee was married at a young age to Joseph Alexander McIntosh.  Together they raised a large family and today have many descendants who meet each year to honor the family legacy we inherited.

Florida endured the many hardships of raising a family at a difficult time in our history.  She did so with enthusiasm, endearing herself to all those who knew her.  Without complaint, she supported her husband and children in their endeavors, and will never be forgotten by those who followed her.  She quietly performed her responsibilities without ever bringing any attention to herself and had great influence on those around her.

She spent her entire lifetime in Nassau County, Florida, during the Formative years of our State when life was often hard and difficult.  Florida W. Murrhee persevered and is a true Florida Pioneer.

Florida W. Murrhee was first established as a Florida Pioneer in 2006