Elizabeth K. NATHANS

Submitted by Descendant:  William Thomas Tuttle

Elizabeth K. Nathans was a blushing bride when she and her husband, Nicholas Grubb, joined her father, Isaac Nathans, and his family in Florida shortly after her marriage on 17 Dec 1829.  She was about age 20 at the start of her married life which produced nine children all born in Florida.  After leaving Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where she was born, Elizabeth remained in Florida for about thirty five-years until her death and burial in the Nathan’s family plot in Quincy’s West Cemetery.

Elizabeth was a mother to young children most of her life but somehow found time to be a seamstress by occupation.  It’s good to think that she probably received help with her housework as the Grubbs had a female slave, a fact reported in the 1860 Census.

Elizabeth was also a loving mother.  In a letter to his mother dated 28 Oct 1849 written in Columbus, Georgia, Thomas L. Grubb at age 19 wrote “…you have been such a kind mother to me and I never will forget you for it as long as I live.  A kind and affectionate mother you have been to me.”  What a nice tribute from a child to a mother.

Elizabeth K. Nathans was first established as a Florida Pioneer in 2001