Submitted by Descendant:  Thomas Edward BRONSON

David Gornto, the son of Nathan Gornto, was born about 1 November 1805 in Georgia.  He married Eliza Allen in Irwin County, Georgia about 20 November 1827.  It is unknown exactly when he and Eliza moved to Florida, sometime after 1841 – the birth of a son, Thomas J. Gornto but before 23 May 1843 since he is found on the list of Madison County Voters who voted in the 1st Florida Election of 1845.

David Gornto was a farmer all of his life.  He and his wife Eliza Ann Gornto had plenty of help because by the time the 1860 census was taken they were living on a Lafayette Co., Florida farm with nine of their seven children.  He lived in a portion of Lafayette Co., Florida that eventually was made into Dixie County, Florida.

David Gornto served as a private with Capt. Robert D. Bradley’s 13th Regiment, Florida Militia from 28 December 1837 until 11 February 1838 during the Indian War.  He died about 18 May 1864 and is buried in the  Fayetteville Cemetery, Old Town, Dixie County. Florida.

David Gornto was first established as a Florida Pioneer in 2006