Submitted by Descendant:  Glenn F. ROUTH

Aaron Tison was born in Glynn County, Georgia on 11 September 1803.  He was active in the growth of Florida as evidenced in the Territorial Papers by his signing of petitions regarding the growth of Florida and who was to govern Florida.  This occurred in the 1830;s.  By that time he had been married about 5 years to Louisa J. Dell.  The Dell family was also very prominent in the development of Florida as 3 of her brothers were very active in various aspects of the government of the Territory of Florida.

Their daughter Martha B. Tison was born on 21 April 1826 and married Henry C. Wilson on 1 April 1841.  Henry Wilson was also very active in government.  As a result of this activity by his wife’s brothers and his son-in-law he was in the middle of a lot of activity that p shape the development of Florida.  Aaron Tison died on 2 December 1840.

Aaron Tison was first established as a Florida Pioneer in 1983