Renewing Your Subscription

Welcome to the new Florida State Genealogical Society! We launched our new website in December 2022. Along with many exciting new features comes changes to how we handle membership renewals, especially in this transition year.

Your membership status will determine when your renewal is due and how you can renew it.

Use the MEMBERSHIP DASHBOARD (see below) to review your Subscription Status and make any necessary adjustments.

Most of our FSGS members joined before we launched the new website in December 2022. Your previous membership was transferred to the new website for the remainder of the term. 

Timing of renewals depends upon your subscription type:

For those who joined from the previous website (until December 31, 2022), you will need renew your membership by the date below by selecting one of the new membership plans.

  • If you joined FSGS on or before February 6, 2023, your subscription will be due for renewal December 31.
  • If you joined FSGS after February 6, 2023, your subscription will be due for renewal 12 months from the date you joined FSGS.

Unless you paid by check or have paused the recurring billing feature, your renewal will be automatic. Please see below for more details.

You can check on your membership type and when it is due by taking the following steps:

Check on your Subscription Status

  • Log in to the member only area of the FSGS website at
  • Click on My Account from the menu to access the MEMBERSHIP DASHBOARD.

Alternatives to managing your subscription on our website

If you are unable or prefer not to self-manage your subscription (renew, change or update emails or addresses), please contact [email protected].

Using the Membership Dashboard gives you the ability to make any changes and renew subscriptions immediately. If you prefer to pay by check, you can still use the dashboard, complete the changes, select the pay by check option, and the mail your check to the address indicated.

Overview of the Subscription Tab of the FSGS MEMBERSHIP DASHBOARD

We have moved to a Self-Service Membership Dashboard, where members can quickly check and adjust their membership status. On the Subscription Tab you will find the following information:

  • MEMBERSHIP – What membership plan you have. If you have made any changes, you may see multiple items. Your current plan will show “YES” under the “Active” column…..
  • SUBSCRIPTION – you will see either “None” or “Enabled” along with the amount and date you paid and when the subscription expires.
    • ENABLED means that this subscription has been set up for auto-renewal at expiration……  None indicates that it is not enabled.  Note: Only the new “Individual” members have the auto-renewal option.
  • ACTIVE “Yes” is a currently active subscription. “No” is inactive
  • CREATED – displays the date on which this subscription was created
  • CARD EXP. – If you paid by credit card and have auto-renew enabled, this will display the expiration date for your credit card. If this date occurs before your next renewal, you will receive a reminder to change or update your credit card on file.  Note: Your credit card number and other information is not stored on our FSGS website.
  • The right column will list ACTIONS which you can select to update or change your subscription. The options will vary by the plan and payment options you have selected.

Options for Managing Your Subscription
On the far right of each subscription, the last column will present available options to the user. The options that the user see will be conditional on the current status of their subscription, which are all explained below:

Update – this option is conditional on the user having an active, automatically recurring subscription. Clicking this link will allow your users to update their credit card information. If the user signed up with a PayPal account, then they will be shown a link to update their account information directly at

Pause – this option is conditional on the user having an active, automatically recurring subscription. Clicking this will pause the user’s subscription.

Resume – this option is conditional on the user having a paused, automatically recurring subscription. Clicking this will resume the user’s subscription. It may take up to 24 hours for the new billing to fully process and update the user’s subscription to active should the latest transaction already have expired.

Cancel – this option is conditional on the user having an active, automatically recurring subscription – one-time payment type subscriptions will NOT have a cancel option because there is no future billing to avoid.Clicking this will cancel any future billings for the subscription. Important note: cancelling does NOT equal an inactive subscription. The subscription will only become inactive once all future billings have ended or been cancelled AND the last transaction associated with the subscription has expired.

Subscribe/Renew – these links can be used if your user would like to repurchase a past membership. If the user’s subscription is expired and has no other memberships active in the same upgrade path Group, it will say Subscribe. If the user can manually renew and it is not expired, it will say Renew.