Researching in Federal Land Records – 21 Dec 2023

Over the history of the United States, almost 2 billion acres of land have been in Federal ownership at one time or another. Federal public land came into private ownership in a variety of ways, from cash sales to preemption to homesteading. Federal land was also granted to railroads and states, who then sold it to private individuals. We will look at how our ancestors acquired federal land and how to find the records of these transfers.

Case Studies in Gray: Identifying Shared Ancestries Through DNA and Genealogy – 16 Nov 2023

You’ve identified a group of shared DNA matches, but you’re stumped on how you’re all related. Learn how to let DNA take the lead in determining who and where to search to uncover the group’s most recent common ancestor.

Put Some Meat on ‘Dem Bones – 19 Oct 2023

Combine your research with historical information and turn your ancestral data into a compelling story even the non-genealogist will want to read. Learn how to bring life to your ancestors, structure a story line, depict time and place, use general information as a backdrop, and let the tale evolve into a fully developed story. No previous writing experience is required.