Unidentified Civil War veterans at reunion in Jacksonville, Florida, Library of Congress

The Florida Genealogist – Vol XLV – Issue 2 – December 2022

Inside this issue:

  • The Patriot War Claims as a Genealogical Resource
  • Major Pickens B. Bird, CSA, and His Family – Life, Death, and War Aftermath
  • Spicer Christopher of Talbot Island
  • Mysteries Behind the Deserters’ Hill Story
  • How to Reach Your Family’s Younger Generations

Meet Our Team

FSGS Volunteers Melbourne, Florida Marlis Humphrey PresidentMarlis served previously as FSGS Publications Chair, Technology Outreach Chair guiding the launch of the popular FSGS Poolside Chats Monthly Webinar Series (now in its eighth year), and Local Host Marketing Chair NGS 2016.…